Jill of All Trades A day for women

On May 31, 2017, Conestoga College held it's annual Jill of All Trades event. Celebrating the cause and encouragement needed to promote more women into the trades. With well over 200 young girls ranging from Grades 9-12, Conestoga's halls were filled with curiosity, laughter and attentive enthusiasm to the wonderful stations set up around the campus.

Many college staff, students, volunteers and teachers from across the board were in attendance to support and mentor the young women as they visited various seminars, workshops and hands-on demonstrations invoking imagination and excitement that could be seen across the campus.

Mandy Rennehan, Founder & CEO of Freshco, a retail construction and maintenance company, was in attendance to kick start the day off right.

Having recently hired WIST graduates, Mandy selected her superstars of the day to help lead the pack.

Ensuring there were no sleeping heads on the lecture hall tables, Mandy grabbed the attention and laughter of the entire room as she launched t-shirts into the roaring crowd. Staff and faculty were seen laughing and applauding on the side lines as they watched sections of their students stand up, arms flailing, awaiting a catch one of their own.

Mandy meets the wonderful minds and support behind the event. Teachers from across the district, volunteers and various faculty gathered for a meet-and-greet before heading out to join the ladies in their workshops.

As the girls separated into groups spread out between the various stations around campus, Mandy spent time at each workshop to get some one-on-one time with the women and show them the true meaning of girl power.

The best Freshco Bear hug of the day!
The energy of the event was infectious.

Mandy was truly honoured to be able to meet — and hug — all of the people involved.

To all the young women wanting to make waves in the trades, to all of the staff and students at Conestoga College and to all of the volunteers involved with the Jill of All Trades event...

Remember, getting your hands dirty is the sexiest of the sexy — Mandy Rennehan

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Jason Costa

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