Culture & Censorship By: Michael ClemeNtson, Tr kindvall, Kalvyn Sabados, sean thoma, zach bruhn, jacob lowe

Why did Stalin seek to control all art form?

He seeked to control all art forms so he could have absolute control over the citizens of Russia. If he could control the literature he can control the influences that the people get. This way the civilians think that Communism is the best way, and all is good in the USSR.

What organization did writers have to join?

Writers had to join the "Union of Soviet Writers". They had to join this and show the progress of communism in everything. They had to follow a policy called 'socialist realism' in their writings.

What was the purpose Socialist realism?

The purpose was to show the progress of Communism. They had to follow this, in films, writings, noviels, poems, they all had to show the progress. The same went with painters, composers, and other creative artist. They could only read books that supported Communism.

What happened to the books that did not support the Communist Party.

The books that did not support the communist party were burnt in stoves. If the families did not have a stove they had to cut the books up and flush the scraps down the toilet.


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