Profile Project Final Draft by: Evan Vienneau

Quote or Greeting

Hello, Peeta here and I am here to say have a happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor.


The Final Countdown - Europe

About me

Hello I am Peeta from district 12. I own a bread baking company with my dad. I am 16 and have went to school for as long as I could. I am pretty educated on the hunting and anything to do with traps and camouflage.I met Katniss when i was young in the cave and i remembered her singing.


I was trying to save Katniss from the tracker jackers and I was frightened and didn't know what was going on, I was asleep when she threw them on us. I Watched one of my tribe members die right in front of me, it was horrible. When Cato hit me with a sharp sword I thought it was over i knew i would have died if i didn't have adrenalin in me. I was Able to get away and hide with some camouflage in the mud and weeds. I was sitting all caked in the mud and I heard Katniss. I said did you come to finish me off Katniss. She found me really camouflaged and picked me up and washed me off in the river. Then we got a sponsor from haymitch. It was the sleep serum. She gave me the serum then she went to the feast and gave me the medicine and i got healed over night.

Interests and Favorites

One really good skills Peeta has is camouflage. He can use it anywhere really. He escaped death probably a few times with the camouflage. Another skill Peeta has is baking bread and using a knife. Peeta is really good with a knife and knife skills.


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