Uluru is a large sandstone rock. It is mostly hollow and inside and most of its mass is underground. Its 348 m tall. Uluru is 50% feldspar, 25% quartz and 25% rock fragments.

The rock is a holy place for the Anangu tribe, who have been around the area for 10,000 years. Aboriginal culture dictates that Uluru was formed by ancestral beings during the dreamtime.

Uluru is located 450 km away from Alice springs in the middle of the Australian outback. Uluru is 3.6 km long, 1.9 km wide and has a circumference of 9.4 km covering 3.3 km2.

The orange-red colour of Uluru is due to rust of its iron content, otherwise the formation would look more grey.

The rock has eroded valleys and ridges and little or no plants. The surrounding area however has lots of springs, rock caves and ancient paintings. 37 people have died climbing Uluru.

Uluru began to form over 550,000,000 years ago when sand eroding from the Peterman ranges built up to thick amounts of rock. 50,000,000 years later these rocks were pressed into sandstone by the weight of the sea that soon disappeared.


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