Connecting with Nature in HK By: Cher Chu 8E

For the first trip with my dad (Shown in the shadow) we went to a park in Ho Man Tin. We wanted to get some inspiration to build a small garden in our home.

In this picture I have used the technique that Mister. Burrough had taught us,it's called:. This is a close-up technique to show the branches with a background of the sky. This is taken and enlarged by the photo below.

This is another technique that Mister. Burrough had taught us it is called,.This is to show a clear path for walking or on a road.These tress are "Guarded" by small metal gates,because it is government property and this tree cannot be cut down.

This is also a close-up picture but this is a very famous flower in Hong Kong it is called ' '. This picture was a hard picture to take,because it keeps moving because of the wind.

This is another picture to show the path. I was so lucky to take a picture with no one in the way! On the right side of the path is a few trees called trees.

This is a famous tree in Hong Kong it is called tree. This picture is just a close-up of the tree that was taken in the last picture. The kind of tree can grow a forest of trees with only one of them. The most expensive tree in Hong Kong is in Wan Chai,and that is the same kind as this one.

Sadly some branches of this tree has been cut down, but the landscape behind it is magnificent. I have not spent a really long time with my dad before just talking about our day and our daily problems. Through this activity I think I will have a even better bond with my family and also we can expand our knowledge of the nature around. As they have been here much longer then we have. For my next adventure I will visit the "Hong Kong Wetland Park "with my family the week after the Chinese new year holidays. I really look forward to it.

This is a mini garden planted in my grandparents house. This is an outdoor plant so this is why it is on the balcony.

This is another mini garden but the difference is that ,first this is in my house ,second this is a bunch of i=different kinds of indoor plants.

So for my second trip me and my family went to the "Hong Kong Wetland Park". As you can see in the picture this is the front door of the park. Since 1998 till now it is still a Hong Kong Fisheries department. It is now more like a education and tourism hot spot.

As you can see in the photo,this is one of the light railway signs in Hong Kong. The light railways are only available in TinShuai Wai and Tuen Mun in Hong Kong. I have never been on these my whole life,this is a first time for me.

This is kind of like a evidence that I been there. This is not real,this is only a wallpaper for people to take photo. My parents are not in this photo because they are helping me take photo's.

This is another first time experience I have never seen a thick(seen able)spider web ever. I do go out for mountain walking but the spider webs I've seen are all kind of invisible. If it was not for the reflection of the sun I don't think anyone can see the spider webs on usual mountain hiking trails.

This is a 'junior' insect eating plant. The picture below this one is a full-grown insect eating plant. This kind of plants are grown in the water because it retracts more insects especially mosquito's. As you can see in the photo the tail of the plant is all curled up so later when it is fully grown it will open up like the picture below .

As I said above this is a full-grown insect eating plant. I was very lucky to get the ant in the picture too. The plant has not yet closed it mouth yet but in certain times it will. I insects are retracted to these kind of plants because it has sweet juices in it. The insects love sweet things,so the plant eats them and really helps our environment because the insects might harm the other plants and it might die.

This is a Cantonese region pineapple tree. The pineapple is not grown on the bottom of the plant,but this kind of pineapple is grown rather high up of the plant and the leaves that are around it are spiky to get the snakes and other creatures away that wants to eat the fruit. This kind of pineapple does not smell sweet but the taste is, this is because it doesn't retracts the insects to eat it.

This is the spiky things I am talking about in the picture above. This kind of plant can grow well both on wet and dry grounds.

This is a Hong Kong special native plant that is all around the park. This is called 'Crotalaria' it still has flower on top of the plant in Winter. So that's why it is so special

This tree has like 10 nets on top of it,but unfortunately this picture is not very clear. But the real tree is amazing. This is another first time for me, I have never seen so many nets in a tree. It is so amazing!!! Although I can't hear any birds tweeting.

Another part of the park is a kind of river area where fishes turtles and even frogs live together. This photo shown here includes small frog babies and also little fish babies.

Please don't find this disgusting, but this is indeed otter poo. It is a interesting fact that I learnt, if any otter poo is lying around that means the otter that produces it,he is marking the territory. This is so that the other otter's know that you cannot go into my territory.

Another interesting photo for me although some people might find it weird. This is snake skin. Apparently this is called 'signs of life'. Next time if you see a snake's skin lying around you will know that the snake that did this had grown lager.

Below this picture there are 2 picture of fishes and turtles. This is a gold fish. Another first time experience for me, I have indeed never seen such a big gold fish like this.

There is a turtle on the top left hand corner of this picture. And it is the ONLY turtle that the park has I think. The fishes around it are just plain river fishes. But they are all very huge to me.

This is a special fish because this is the biggest ,fattest and the most heaviest fish in the park. This fish also has sharp teeth. Fortunately I didn't drop my phone when I am taking a photo of this.

This is a water lizard it lives on the water edges and in the water. This photo is blurry because I was standing on a moving bridge while taking a picture of this. Honestly speaking it is kind of terrifying.

This a special crab in Hong Kong but it is a female one. The male one would be more interesting but I believe they were sleeping. These crabs also pokes holes on the ground surface because they had been going out and in to the dirt.

This is a close-up of the crab and again sorry for the un-clearness.

This is a close up of the ducks swimming/in water. These are all mammals not birds.

This is a picture of ducks again but this time the ducks are on land so you can see a difference in their actions between land and water.

This is a natural art piece called made by me and my parents. We named it 'Loving Nature'. This is actually a heart shaped tree. It used many different kinds of different coloured leaves. The heart shape is not so obvious because we are currently harming it and you can see that the leaves have all become old. So we have to do anything to protect our nature and environment to help us live a better life and for our future generations.

Through out this activity I have learnt a lot of things including spending time with my family, first tries and some nature facts. Hong Kong is a wonderful city and I don't want to see it being harmed and destroyed by us. We have to protect our environment and our nature to give these animals and plants a better life and also for our years to come.

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