Uber Social Media Strategy Jules noten, Felicitas kueenburg, felipe saldarriaga.

Social media strategy defines the relationships, their value and sets out a plan to harness them to achieve a particular goal or set of goals. Uber uses social media strategy to set goals, analysis, objectives and take initiative. Goals that will be achieved through our campaign are acquiring more customers and improve the rate of innovation. Since Uber is facing difficulties regarding policy and there is increasing competition, we have to put objectives to raise awareness and strengthen our position in the market.

UBER connects the world. Why not connect it in a happier way?

Our social media strategy is based on the widely known phenomenon called threads. We aim to create a thread in which uber clients can see photos or videos of their rides. Such photos will have to represent the values of uber and their user experience. The platform will be created so that it is public. However, it will be aimed for the users of the app (drivers as well as clients). Each week, Uber will choose one winner of a 50€ in-app-credit for users and a fee waiver for drivers (valid for a month).

"We aim to create a thread in which uber clients can see photos or videos of their rides"

The key in aspect of our strategy is to give voice and action to all the parties involved in Uber interaction. They are humans that are part of bigger social settings (offline and online), which influence their behaviour, decisions and perceptions of the business. Their communication ways and behavior change constantly as technology does (social media as an example). We aim to create a friendly environment to show how little things can impact greatly one’s life.

"The key in aspect of our strategy is to give voice and action to all the parties involved in Uber interaction"

Our Uber campaign includes showing the world that our company has great service and the most polite drivers a customer could wish for. In order to make our drivers so qualified for the job we have to motivate them and that is where the campaign will come in; with the creative and fun activity. Not only the driver will be motivated but customers will also gain motivation to join the Uber community instead of using Cabify for example. Customers will have to interact with their driver which will create a lot of laughter and increase happiness of our employees and customers. They can even be rewarded for contributing to this fun and creative activity since Uber will give away 50€ every week. As mentioned before, the competition is increasing and therefore Uber wants to differentiate. Through this social media campaign, Uber will have a unique selling point compared to Cabify and initially increase the use of Uber among the target audience. Furthermore, the target audience describes Uber’s ambition as a business to create loyalty through building relationships. Sometimes relationships are worth more to a business then the money they get from some customers since a business that can rely on relationships will have life time value from customers which is priceless.

The schedule for our social media strategy is as follows:

It will be rolled out during the second half of june and will last for the duration of the summer (with the option to maintain it year round). As mentioned before, one winners will be chosen weekly and they will earn a 50€ voucher towards Uber rides, with no expiration date. As for the drivers, they will earn a fee waiver for a month, meaning that the entire rides he makes during a month will be transferred to their bank accounts. Uber will plan to implement this in Spain, with focus on Madrid and Barcelona.

All participants in the contest are asked to upload their contribution on our social media platform. This can be done during the given time period. A winner will be selected weekly according to the amounts of likes they receive. From there, our team will choose the winner from the 15 most liked pictures. The selection will be based on creativity, uniqueness, and the picture representing the values of the company. Each entrant is responsible in uploading their picture or video according to the requirements related to this contest including the details of their uber account. There will be a lucky winner weekly with a reward of 50€ credit on their Uber Account which will be announced at the end of every week. The winners will also be informed via email and asked for a confirmation of the data if supplied on the winners contribution. If that winner does not respond within the next week we will choose a new winner. The winner will then receive his reward within the next two days from moment of the confirmation and it will be valid for a whole month the moment it was transferred to his Uber account. The price can only be used for Uber rides during the next month and can not be paid out cash. The winner will also be informed that the reward will only be valid for a month and after that will automatically expire and there will not be a possibility for a refund.

At the end of the contest period we will publish a link to all the lucky winners of the contest with their contribution showing how they used their creativity and the effort they have put into this competition.

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