IHS Huddersfield Vehicle Service & Repair

IHS Huddersfield is a garage located in Paddock near Huddersfield. After working at Honda main dealerships for 16 years I've decided to open a garage aimed at providing people with a great service at a reasonable cost.

IHS Seasonal Checks - We all want to keep our vehicles protected all year round, So to make sure you’re fully prepared, you can now get a comprehensive 30-point IHS Season Check. - No one knows your car better than us, so you can be assured that your car will be given the best service possible with: - Our fully-trained technicians - Launch diagnostic equipment and tools - Premium quality parts

No job is too big or too small at IHS. From a quick check to a complete engine rebuild, IHS offers great customer service and reasonable prices.

Even though the Great British weather may leave you thinking that air conditioning isn’t a highly important factor in your car, this is not the case. Air conditioning plays an integral role in the running of your vehicle all year round, no matter what the temperature or weather conditions are. Whether you are looking to stay cool in the heat of the summer of you are keen to ensure your windows remain demisted during the frosty autumn mornings, you need to ensure that your air conditioning is up to scratch.

At IHS we provide a high level of air conditioning service, and we believe that our service provides tremendous value for money. Our fixed fee air conditioning service includes everything you need to ensure your car is in excellent condition. It is recommended that your air conditioning is checked on an annual basis, usually as part of a larger review of your vehicle, and that your air conditioning is serviced at least every 2 years.

Don't worry if you don't carry cash IHS has a card machine so we now accept cash, card and cheques.

It's not hard to pay by card!

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