Title:The Prank List By:Destiny Rogers Author:Anna Staniszewski

Slide 1(This picture goes with the top slide 1)This book is about a little girl named Rachel who never thought that she would have the fight to clean toilets but when Rachel finds a rival in a cleaning business she does whatever it may take to help her mom with her clients so she will not have to move to Connecticut-which would mean that she would have to leave her friends,school and sort of her boyfriend,and her pastry class but when she asks her friend to cook up to take down the competition she totally backfires.
  • Slide 2 Description of setting-The picture down below goes with this slide 2 The main setting is her pastry class where Rachel loves to practice her baking lessons with her Chef Ryan even tough she still gets yelled at for no reason but she still has fun and she never lets anyone ruin her day another main setting is her house where she can actually practice baking where there is quietness and she can focus when she is not mad or anything if she is mad she will get more distracted and do something crazy one more setting is her mom's client business where she helps her mom clean peoples house and she is also trying to help her mom from not leaving to Connecticut so she does not have to leave everything like friends and family even the pastry class and her school. I could not find any pictures for house,client business.
Slide 2 one of my main settings one of the main settings that Rachel lee loves to go to to see her friends and her chef ryan so she can learn how to bake new things each day and every day.

Slide 3 Description-Description of main character-Rachel Lee is a really nice girl and she loves to go to the pastry after school to go and bake new things everyday with her friends and sometimes her Chef yells at her for talking too much or either not listen to the instructions. She also has a friend named Evan who likes her and she likes him to but they both do not know how to tell each other so what they both do is sit next to each other smile to each other or either invite them to each others house to talk and sometimes Evan will hold her hand to show how he feels and she will just smile and show how she feels but at the end they both finally know how to talk and tell each other. She also loves to do pranks on the ladybugs and she is trying to keep it a secret from Evan since he knows one of the ladybugs and she invites her friend to do it with her so she is not alone but her friend lizzy does not really want to do it because she does not want to get in trouble by anyone. Rachel is also trying to find ways to help her mom so that they will not have to leave everything behind like friendship family school and the pastry class.

Slide 3 The girl sitting on her suitcase is Rachel lee when she is a little older and i think when she has to leave to Connecticut.

Slide 4 Second main character- The second main character is Evan and he is a really nice kid who likes Rachel but he just does not know how to show it so what he usually does is ask her if she would like to come over and talk watch a movie alone and sometimes he will take her out sometimes to get a smoothie or something and sometimes they are both so embarrassed to talk to each other around there friends that they just ignore each other and pretend that they do not like each other but the truth is that they do and also sometimes they will both go bike riding and have some fun with each other. (No picture of Evan:( )

Slide 5 Plot:The thing that happened in the story is that Rachel and Evan used to be together since they liked each other and they got in a fight they broke up and Rachel's mom cleaning business is going bad and her mom is trying to explain to Rachel that it may be time to move but Rachel doesn't want to leave her friends and family so she tries to help out her mom but her mom tells her not to worry about it because she doesn't want Rachel to worry about stress anymore and after all that she calls her dad to see how's he is doing and seeing if he is going to come back from Florida or stay in Florida and Rachel's mom does not know that he may be coming back because he does not want his wife to worry about it. One more thing that happened is that Rachel and her friend Marisol thought they would get ion trouble for pulling another prank on Whit's sister Lillian but when they got home they thought there parents were going to be mad but they did not even know about it. Sorry no picture:(

Slide 6 Climax:Rachel's dad may be coming back and she is so excited but at the same time it is putting because she can't tell her mom anything until he figures things out but she cannot wait until she finally sees her dad again another conflict is that she got so excited that her mom said i will need you here all my life. The reason she got so excited was because no one actually told her that before.

Slide 7 Internal Conflict-Rachel is going through a lot of stress with her friend Whit because he is accusing her for putting caked mix on his van and she is also really upset that her mom is going to do three jobs and she is afraid that her mom will get overwhelmed with three jobs so she tells her mom to do two jobs only so she does not get too tired doing three jobs at a time and Rachel is still stressed by trying to work things out withher dad because she does not know if he is coming back or staying in Florida and this puts a lot of stress on her because she has to keep it a secret even though she wants to tell her mom that he may be coming back. There are really not that much pictures for this book

Slide 8 External Conflict-The dramatic conflict is that Rachel's husband may be coming back and when he does they will be so happy that tears will be coming down there eyes and they are so excited that they may be able to stay in the house they are already living in since there dad said that he may be able to help and Rachel got so excited she started crying.

Slide 9 Theme-The message of the theme is not to accuse anyone for something that they did not even domand do not do not break up with someone if you do not know what they did and do not do pranks on people if you do not expect them to do it back to you and so not be a bully by calling someone mean names

Slide 10 Information about Author: Anna was Born in Poland and she was raiused in the united tates and she grew up loving stories in both polish and english ans she was a writer in the Boston Libray and she was a winner in the PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award she currently lived in the south of Boston with her husband and their adopted black Labrador, Emma she also taught courses on writing and children's literature at Simmons College. Also when she is not writing Anna spends her time reading, daydreaming, and challenging unicorns to games of hopscotch. She is the author of the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series, the Dirt Diary series, and the Switched at First Kiss series, all published by Sourcebooks, as well as the picture book, Power Down, Little Robot, published by Henry Holt/Macmillan.

This picture goes with Slide 10 This is Anna S. when she was a kid with a big dream and now her dream finally became real and since that dream became real and since she followed that dream she is now a really great book writer in my opinion. Follow your dreams and they will take you where you want to go.
This goes with Slide 10This is Anna when she was older and she is a really young girl with a big dream that came true because she followed her dream to where she wanted to go

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