A Change In Life Kirsten

My life has changed.

Everything I've lived is a lie

who or what am i, a freak?

my life has changed and is continuing to change

white skin, varsity team player, varsity team boyfriend my life is a teenage dream

my whole life is a lie

my insides are not what i thought

getting my virginity taken felt like as if someone stabbed me with large sharp needles

my life has changed

as pretty as a diamond but insides as masculine as a man

my whole life is and was a lie

My whole life has changed

My whole life is going to continue to change what will i do

Everything i know is a lie, I'm left in question

will i ever find who i am, can i define myself based non who it want to be

will i spend my life in the obgyn hoping i can take part in woman hood, and have sex and babies

My whole life has changed

Words borrowed from None Of The Above by: I. W. Gregorio


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