Ntensefit and Beachbody

Good day my friends. I hope you are in good health, eating well and a little sore from working out today.

I've been searching for a way to expand Ntensefit. Fitness and Wellness are my choice of Mastery this life, and I want to spread it like a wild fire. Most of you know of my family health history and understand my drive for staying in shape and that I understand; Environment is more powerful than genetics. (My view)

So, I've become a Beachbody Coach and will be running some online challenges as well as offline challenges to keep people motivated and progressing towards their goals.

When you buy a Beachbody challenge pack, it includes, your workout program of choice, Shakeology smooth shake (a month supply) and a meal plan. - [ ] Workout pgm of your choice, or the new option of the All Access BOD (Beachbody On Demand) that allows you to access any Beachbody program that's ever been made plus any new release workouts in 2017, Shakeology which is your meal replacement shake via monthly supply and a meal plan.

I've Chosen Core DeForce as my workout of Choice. Why? I've done every move in actual Muay Thai a million times(Simplicity), I can put Kyra in the cage(play pen) and rock at with the video and her for whatever length of time. (Videos on Instagram and Facebook)And I have it anywhere, its on my IPhone, so in some videos you'll see me at the gym, in the house, backyard etc.

There's now no reason not to get a workout in and the Icing on the cake is you get access( like you don't see me enough all ready) to me.

I'm setting up a Private Facebook group just for participants and You. Because you actually get the Real daily, just watching you is motivation enough to get someone off the couch.

I'm tired of hearing about heart disease, diabetes, cancer and all of these killers that are taking our friends and family early. It's bullshit; when we can do something about it.

You know how I hate complaint, without solution and change. We're still growing Mind Body and Emotionally. It's time we fucking act like it.

I get Emotional, LOL. Attached should be my Beachbody page. Take a look, let me know, either way. This is going to be fun.

Love ya


- [ ]

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