Loving a Man By Karma Perez

  • Terence is nothing of a man
  • I know
  • I hate that I ever loved him
  • hate even more that I cant be rid of him
  • he has their love but never has to do the hard things
  • every meal I served
  • every cut I ever kissed
  • every time I had to answer "why doesn't daddy love us?"
  • I know he cant feel what I feel
  • like a piece of my heart has been carved out and set on fire
  • but he has to feel something
  • my father died young
  • mom raised us
  • without him
  • a man is good for some things but
  • a guilty man is good for even more things
  • "that man, that man! who does he think he is?"
  • she doent need to worry about me
  • ive learned the lesson
  • hard
  • he never sticks around
  • only for a little while
  • where was he?
  • where was he?
  • "you gotta fight this, vernie, you cant let him in like this"
  • the pain constricts my chest , out od nowhere
  • I scream
  • my fingers claw the back of the couch
  • for awhile I cant breathe
  • for awhile, I don't know
  • I don't know, I cant
  • im not going to make it
  • my face is wet
  • my skin and bones are shaking
  • there is no way forward
  • there is only this
  • "all the fight I got in me, is just to get through this"


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