Making midterm studying efficient and enjoyable Amanda Rowan '22

If you're anything like me, studying for midterms can be dreadful, especially when you waste more than half the time your supposed to be studying by procrastinating. Whether it’s getting sucked into my phone on a break, or possibly falling asleep, I’ve always had some troubles finding what works best for me during these stressful times. Being effective and efficient in your studying habits takes time and skill. With just five tips, your midterm studying will turn from boring to fun, yet still educational.

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First and foremost, start by making a to-do list. Not only can they keep you aware of your workload, but it can also be very satisfying to check off items once they are completed. Try writing down all your tasks that need to be completed, even the smallest items will help you do feel productive and motivated.

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By dressing in comfortable clothes, especially when in the comfort of your own house, you can relax. Being comfy in pajamas or sweats can help to limit distractions, and keep you at ease.

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Having a clean desk space always helps me limit my distractions. Major distractions are our phones and other electronics. Try putting your phone in a different room, or far from your work area to resist the temptation of checking your Snapchat and Instagram every ten minutes. It might be hard at first, but definitely worth it.

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After hours of hard work, it is important to refuel your body with key nutrients, and your favorite snacks during snack breaks. I usually go straight for a fruit bowl made up of a sliced apple, blueberries and strawberries. Staying caffeinated is also key, especially when studying late into the night. Whether this is with coffee, tea or soda, it can definitely help keep you awake and alert while working. Since I have somewhat of an abnormal pallet , I drink black coffee while working.

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One of my favorite strategies when preparing for midterms is to reward myself. Though my my go-to reward is always watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy, parents would like to call this procrastinating. I think of it as a prize for working so hard. Make sure to set a timer, or limit yourself to about 30 minutes of relaxing time, as it is very easy to get carried away into a show without even realizing.

Hopefully these tips will help to destress you during midterm preparations, as well as keep you engaged in your work, while making it fun.

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