Hippolyta's magic belt shop we PROVIDe all of your magic GIRDLE and ARMOR needs

the amazons were a race of female warriors known for the trojan war

this is a one of the many battles that expanded over 10 years the amazons tried to help win for the trojans.

my queen Hippolyta is the leader of the amazons her CEO of hippolyta's belt shop would be her sister who died in battle at the trojan war

hipplyta's dad is the god of war yep you guessed it it was aries who gifted her a magic girdle as she used it as a piece of armor for battle

this is my queen's father the god of war himself

my queen has one main symbols it's her magic girdle

this is my queens magic girdle

my queen had not had any children

i think it's a little dumb to not have some mail warriors but it's my clan it's her clan

this young child would grow to a great amazonian warrior

the myths that my queen appear in In the myth of Heracles, Hippolyta's girdle was the object of his ninth labor. He was sent to retrieve it for Admete, the daughter of King Eurystheus. Most versions of the myth indicate that Hippolyta was so impressed with Heracles that she gave him the girdle without argument, perhaps while visiting him on his ship. Then (according to Pseudo-Apollodorus), the goddess Hera, making herself appear as one of the Amazons, spread a rumor among them that Heracles and his crew were abducting their queen, so the Amazons attacked the ship. In the fray that followed, Heracles slew Hippolyta, stripped her of the belt, fought off the attackers, and sailed away.

In the myth of Theseus, the hero joined Heracles in his expedition, or went on a separate expedition later, and was actually the one who had the encounter with Hippolyta. Some versions say he abducted her, some that Heracles did the abducting but gave her to Theseus as spoils, and others that she fell in love with Theseus and betrayed the Amazons by willingly leaving with him. In any case, she was taken to Athens where she was wed to Theseus, being the only Amazon to ever marry. In some renditions the other Amazons became enraged at the marriage and attacked Athens. This was the Attic War, in which they were defeated by Athenian forces under Theseus or Hercules. In other renditions Theseus later put Hippolyta aside to marry Phaedra. So Hippolyta rallied her Amazons to attack the wedding ceremony. When the defenders closed the doors on the attackers, either Hippolyta was killed, Theseus directly killed her in the fight, she was accidentally killed by another Amazon, Molpadia, while fighting by Theseus’ side, or was accidentally killed by her sister Penthesilea during this battle or in a separate incident. This killer was in turn slain by Theseus or Achilles. Some stories paint Theseus in a more favorable light, saying that Hippolyta was dead before he and Phaedra were wed, and this battle did not occur. Further complicating the narratives, a number of ancient writers say the Amazon in question was not Hippolyta at all, but her sister Antiope, Melanippe, or Glauce. Moreover, there are combined versions of the tale in which Heracles abducts and kills Hippolyta while Theseus (assisted by Sthenelus and Telamon) abducts and marries Antiope. There are also stories that Hippolyta and Antiope later bore Theseus a son, Hippolytus.

there is a pic of hercules obtaining the magic girdle but it's inappropriate

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