The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt by Yinghan Ma

WHEN i FIRST COME INTO THE LOBBY, I WAS APPEALED BY SEVERAL ARTWORKS AND COSTUMES. THE COSTUMES WERE COLORFUL BUT IN OLD STYLE. THEY DREW ME BACK TO THE 20th century. After come into the theatre, my friends and I sat in the first row. It is a nice place to watch the performance because i can blend into the show easily. It made me feel like all the things in the show were happening next to me, and i was a part of the show. after the lights dimmed and the audience quiet, that feeling became stronger. place plays an important role to the good life because a good place can obviously enhance good experience.
I went to the show with two friends. Before we went to the show, we did a lot of research about the background of this show online. During the intermission of the show, we discussed about our understandings on the performance and it was fun. With my friends' company, I could share my viewpoint and listened to their understandings and it helped me to understand the show better. Sharing experience can enrich our comprehension easily.
The story was taken place at the turn of the 20th century. A French actress Sarah Bernhardt is going to perform in Quebec City, but her performance is banned by the Catholic Church. The Archbishop sends two seminarians to deliver a message to forbid Sarah's performance. The play has two major story line. One is about Talbot's poor family. The other one is centered on the experience of Sarah Bernhardt. This play revealed the hypocrisy of people in the fields of business and church. The Boss of the shoe factory, Brother Casgrain and Sarah Bernhardt each represent business, church and art. The main issue addressed in this play is about the abusing against children. At the same time, this play depicts the oppression of the church. This play reminds me about the child labor issue in some remote area in China. A lot of poor families in rural place send their children into towns and work as child labor in order to ease the financial burden on their families.
A play is usually more acceptable than any other form of art on the topics that are socially uncomfortable because a play can let people relates more to the real life. This play makes me introspect to the significance of church, the art and the business. At present, the impact of church become smaller, but art and business still can influence our society effectively. After watching this play, I learnt that we need to keep our head clear at any moment and prevent the hypocrisy of business or church to influence on us.
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