Samurai project Kathryn gutierrez p.6

Japan had many trained Japanese warriors which fought for most people. Japan became a military society because of the emperors. They wouldn't protect others but themselves. So that's when fought for themselves and remained skilled. Shoguns after a while had most of the control. For example, Minamoto Yoritomo was one of the shoguns who had control. He was the first shogun in 1192.

Samurai warriors obviously need to be protected, so they had armor. The armor was pretty heavy but they needed to protect themselves so it was worth it. They fought most daimyo's. Larger families had more powerful armies. The government would start to get weaker and weaker because of the daimyo. The warriors had mostly swords and that kind of stuff.

Most warriors became a samurai because of the hard trainings they had. A rare thing is that some of the women also became samurai, but that was rare. They were trained to deafeat/attack the daimyo. An unwritten code of honor was called bushido And That's where the samurai lived. Seppuku was known as ritual suicide.

Zen Buddhism played an important role in japan. Zen means meditation and that's what most people did to keep themselves calm. It would teach self discipline, simplicity, and like I said, meditation. Most of the followers thought the quiet reflection was better than other things.

It's really disappointing that women didn't have much rights earlier in life. Women in samurai would learn how to use weapons and protect themselves, families, and their home from bandits when they were by themselves.Thankfully, women had more and more rights throughout life.

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