Niger by ryan drew

The geography of niger is slightly less than the size twice of texas
in Niger the climate of it hot and dusty with tropical in the south and it has a of desert
most of the naturale resoures in Niger are gold
the population of niger is 18,638,600 as of july 2016
there ethnic groups there are mainly Husa Zarma/Songhai
there main religion are muslim and christian
in Niger there fertile rate is really high they have one of the highest fertile rates because of this they need to build more schools
they have a republican government with a president and this is there president
one of their tourist attractions was you can go hippo watching
france was the country that took over niger that is why there native language is french
Niger is also is corrupted with the rank 101
the currency that they use is csa frank 0.0016
this is the historical figure that i chose he was in the french army then he was prominent to sagent but when niger became independent he transferred to that army instead in the year 1974 he became the 2nd president of niger
this is the capital of Niger Niamey
(1990) Tuareg Rebellion began in the northern regionin 1995A ceasefire between the government and Tuarge's Revolutionary Armed Forces was passed which made a civil war happen the in ( 1996) Ousmane was overthrown in a coup led by Col. Ibrahim Mainassara; a new constitution was introduced granting the president an increase in powers (1999) Mainassara was assassinated; a new constitution was issued restoring the balance between branches of power


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