How Cyberbullying can affect others Lynnette Guevara

Cyberbullying is a type of bullying believe it or not. Many people think that bullying can only happen physically, but there is physical, mental, verbal and many other types. Cyberbullying is important because many kids go through it everyday. It may make some people feel bad, become depressed, it may also lead to suicide.

Someone could be affected by cyberbullying on the internet and social networking sites. For example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat make it easy for people to make fun of others and bully them too. There are many websites and people to talk to if they are being cyber bullied. Kids who are cyber bullied can tell a trusted adult or friend and also take screenshots of the things the bullies are saying.

I honestly don't think cyber bullying happens a lot. I think that some people are just very dramatic because there is always a block button or the remove as friend button. I believe it happens more with elementary school and middle school students because they don't know how to say things and don't think before they do something. I don't believe it is a huge issue to deal with because there are always people to back you up and help you get through it if you're affected.

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