How to prevent Disease in healthy ways

Exercise at least an hour a day

This will make your body not only healthier but able to fight off bad cells easier, than if you were unhealthy

Eat healthier

Eating salads as a snack and fruits are good ways to help, other than munching on chips or candy. Eating a Burger may not greatly impact your diet, its still good to stay away from it.

Take a shower each day

This one is obvious, every time you take a shower it cleans your skin from germs that you may have come in contact throughout the day.

Never smoke

if you smoke you will increase your chances of getting Lung Cancer, while most of us may be young you can still get Lung Cancer at any age.

Stay up to date with Vaccines

Vaccines may be something that can save your life. Vaccines give you immunity to a certain disease. While you may not like needles, they may save you.

Practice safe sex

If your gonna have sex, at least wear protection. While they may not be 100% safe they do decrease your chances of getting Diseases via Sexual Interactions.

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