"My Day" by katherine S.

One day a bunny named BONITA appeared in front of a girl named Katherine. She didn’t notice Bonita at first but then she saw her. She felt strange seeing a miniature sized bunny on my desk but she felt happy that she had company while doing stressful school work.

Bonita watching Katherine work.

Katherine saw Bonita again the next day, and the next, and soon Bonita was always by her while she was doing her work.

Katherine and Bonita

One especially strange day, Katherine noticed that the ring she was wearing was gone! Katherine looked everywhere for it but she couldn’t find it. Then suddenly Katherine noticed something shiny on Bonita's arms. It was her ring! What a mischievous rabbit, she thought to myself.

Bonita stealing the ring.

As each day goes by, an item of Katherine’s disappears and everyday she finds Bonita stealing it! She decided to get to the bottom of this.

Bonita stealing more stuff.

One day Katherine let Bonita keep the bracelet she stole and decided to see what she was doing with it.

Bonita stealing the bracelet.

To her surprise, she sees Bonita giving the bracelet to a penguin as a gift! Katherine laughed to herself and wanted to resolve this situation. So she ended up giving the bracelet to Bonita so she could give it to her friend.

Bonita giving Penguin a bracelet.

Katherine didn’t have her bracelet anymore but she also didn’t see Bonita anymore, she was gone. Katherine decided her job was done now so she let this go and everyone lived happily ever after!

Bonita going back to her home.
Created By
Katherine Sun

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