One Planet: Our Planet By Nikhil.H.R

Threats To Nature:

-Plastic Pollution




-Rise In Population

-Burning Fossil Fuels

-Rise In Ocean Temperatures

-Coral Bleaching

-Global Warming

-Carbon Emissions


One Of The Main Things Living Things Need Is Food.The Nutrition In Foods Include: Protein(Including Calcium),Vitamins And Minerals,Fruit And Veg,Carbs,Dairy And Fats.But Forests Are Being Cut Down To Make Farms Due To Population Growth And Some People Are Taking Protein Way To Far.

Threats: Poaching,Deforestation,Rise In Population


In This "Technological Era",You Use Electricity Without Even Thinking About It.Ipads,Iphones,Laptops,Television,PCs,And Pretty Much Everything Needs Electricity Nowadays.Even The Lights Need Electricity.But The Deadly Fuels Used To Make It Overheat And Suffocate The Planet.

Threats:Global Warming,Fumes,Burning Fossil Fuels


Roads Circle Our Homes,Cars,Vans,Trucks Zooming Around On Them.But As They Speed Forward,Carbon Emissions Follow Behind Them Because Of The Use Of Petrol And Diesel.Using Electric Cars Can Reduce The Emission Amount

Threats:Carbon Emissions,Fumes,Global Warming


Almost Everything Is Made Of One Of These Materials:Wood,Brick,Metal Or Fabric.Out Of All These,Plastic Is The Most Harmful.It Takes 1000 Years To Decompose,And Even A Plastic Toothpick Can Kill An Albatross!Did You Know That more than 1.5 Million Pounds End Up In The Ocean Each Hour!Let's Put A Stop To Plastic Pollution!

Threats:Plastic Pollution,Coral Bleaching

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Creator:Nikhil.H.R,Images:Adobe Spark,Unsplash,

Video Credits

Creator:Nikhil.H.R,Assistance In Creation:Amir.H,Images:Adobe Spark,Inspiration:Peter Hill


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