Where is Clemson's Entertainment? By: Alex Kilinski and Braden green

Clemson has an abysmal music scene that gives students little entertainment. We want to know why this is the case. Many other cities such as Columbia and Asheville have much better music scenes than Clemson does, but what do they have that we don't?

Let's take a look at some of the different venues that Clemson has.

Death Valley is home to the Clemson Tigers football team. This stadium holds upwards of 85,000 people, but is hardly used the other 8 months of the year. This stadium was once utilized many years ago in the 1980s-90s where bands like Pink Floyd, Eagles, Rage Against the Machine, U2, and The Rolling stones all performed.

The brand new Littlejohn Coliseum is a great place to hold any sort of concert or entertainment but has only been used one other time since 2015 because of construction. There has been little effort to schedule any concerts recently.

This pavilion seems to never be used, but easily could be utilized for smaller concerts or open mic performances.

The Esso Club is one of the most well known restaurants in the Clemson area, and has live music occasionally from small bands during football season.

356 has a stage for performances and usually hosts small, local bands, and the occasional open mic night.

Next are some venues that are currently out of commission.

The Astro is an out commission movie theater that closed down within the last 15 years. It has potential to become an active concert venue or even movie theater. Nothing has been changed because current owners are asking for too much money while trying to sell it.

This is the remains of an old bar that used to have open mic nights and small acts perform. It has looked like this for 15-20 years, but is in a prime location to be opened and become a successful venue.

Places like Asheville are significantly more successful at having a music or entertainment scene than Clemson is. Asheville has many different attractions that set itself apart from other cities. Asheville has an incredible beer and food scene, great concert venues, historic sites such as the Biltmore right beside it and plenty of neat events and outdoor activities. They have quantity and quality, while Clemson struggles just to have quantity. The location of Asheville gives it a step up from any other city.

This is one of the most popular venues in Asheville and it is very well known across the country. They usually hold small or medium sized acts.
The Biltmore the largest privately owned house in the United States and is a huge tourist attraction across the world. Located less than 10 minutes away from downtown Asheville, the Biltmore attracts over 1 million people per year.
This is White Duck Taco Shop, one of the more recognized restaurants in the Asheville area.

Clemson used to thrive in the 1980s-90s with their music scene, but over time it has quickly diminished. Asheville has stayed on top of the music scene and continues to grow as a cultural mecca with history, fine dining, great music and a beautiful location in the Appalachian mountains. Asheville has many elements that attract performers and that is why they have a much better music scene than Clemson does. Clemson is the equivalent of a Busch light and Asheville is a nice IPA, or German beer.

All photos of Clemson were taken by Alex Kilinski and Braden Green, all other photos were taken from creative commons.


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