Season 3 Episode 17 of Interveiws By Gabriel Dobbs

Narrator- "What was the point of you life?"

Alexander Hamilton- "To convinced New Yorker's to agree to ratify the U.S Constitution. I then served as the nation's first secretary of the treasury, from 1789 to 1795."

Narrator- "How do you think you will actually be remembered?"

Alexander Hamilton- "When I co-wrote the "Federalist" papers with John Jay and James Madison. And that I was the Leader of the Federalist, I fought by George Washington's side during the Revolutionary War. Also I was the appointed the first secretary of the treasury by President Washington himself!"

Narrator- "What do you consider your greatest success?"

Alexander Hamilton- "I would say when George Washington himself appointed me to be the secretary of treasures. Also that I was George Washington's most trusted aid."

Narrator- "Would or could you have done things differently, if so how?"

Alexander Hamilton- "No I liked how I did things."

Narrator- "Do you have any regrets?"

Alexander Hamilton- "No I have lived a full and interesting life and I would never want to change anything."

Narrator- "Why did you go up against Thomas Jefferson?"

Alexander Hamilton- "Because my dream of national greatness depended on the United States developing a strong economy . In 1790, the nation’s economy was still based mainly on agriculture. Hamilton wanted to expand the economy and increase the nation’s wealth by using the power. Thomas did not agree with my plan."

Narrator- "Did you think that you would win?"

Alexander Hamilton- "I mean yah I was hoping that I was going to win."


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