Harn Museum Siddharth Kumar

At the Harn Museum I saw many unique paintings on February 25th. This particular painting called, Sheep Wranglers, by Justine Kurland, caught my attention because it represented a calm and serene atmosphere that I was attracted to.

This painting, Gate #2, by Ross Bleckner, caught my attention because it seemed so simple without any message. However, when I got closer to it and saw it in person there was something hypnotic about it. Seeing it in person allowed me to appreciate the optical effects it provided. In addition, the description also says that it is to mimic the effect of light flickering through a row of trees. The medium was oil on canvas and the oil painting allowed there to be a unique flow that made me want to keep looking at it . The alternation among the light blue, dark blue, and black colors along with the horizontal and vertical lines made the image very captivating. The communication that I got from this image was that there is more to be unlocked in life. The keyhole in the middle of the picture made me think this and since it was on top of the part that represented the illusion of light flickering through trees, it made me think that there are a lot of illusions in this world and we have to make sure to know what is reality and what is an illusion. The painting made me feel very inquisitive on the things that confine us in life such as the keyhole in the painting and how we should get out of these confinements.

The two images above are both from the Asian wing of the museum. The first image shows the beautiful statues of Korean influences such as the statue of the Buddha. Everything seemed to be made to express a state of calmness and serenity. The second image is of the garden that is right outside of this area. This part is very appealing because there is a calm body of water that runs below a bridge in the garden. This adds on to the Korean Art's expression of calmness because the water invoked a sense of meditative calmness. Furthermore, the natural lighting that shined in the garden was invigorating.

This painting, Central Park Winter, by Emil Ganso, appeals to one of my core values of being serene and calm. Although the painting seems somewhat depressing, it has two people in it, indicating that it is really not that lonely. It made me realize that being in a state of serenity is not necessarily about being alone, but rather it can be enhanced if someone is there with you so that it is not depressing. As stated above, this image invokes a sense of serenity as well as a bit of loneliness, which is later dispelled by the realization that there is another person in the image. It helps me better understand that even in a lonely and depressing environment, having someone with you there can make it a lot more better.

This painting, Fireworks known as the Girandola, Whic Explode above the Castel Sant'Angelo, by Louis-Jean Desprez, shows an achievement of happiness. This painting shows fireworks, which means that there is a celebration going on. The Good Life theme associated with this image is the theme of happiness. Happiness is something worth celebrating and the fireworks show that there is something worth celebrating. Fireworks are vibrant and easily distinguishable in the dark sky, the same way happiness is distinguishable from sadness. It also makes me understand that happiness can be something depicted by something vibrant as fireworks.

All photographs taken on Siddharth Kumar's phone.

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Siddharth Kumar


All photographs taken on Siddharth Kumar's phone.

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