Samurai By aaron Ramirez

Rise of military society

How did japan become a military society

  • japan became a military society because as japans military grew weak the violence increased
  • The increase in violence made diamyos scared of beening robbed so they hired samuria to come and protect

how the shogun, diamyo and samuria structure worked

  • shogun and diamyos would hire samuria to protect them from being robbed
  • in exchange the diamyos and shoguns would support the samuria by providing food water and other life essentials.

Samurai Armor, weapons and fighting

Weapons and Armor

The katana were traditionally made with a curved and slender blade made to slice and cut through people

The Armor of a samuria dates back as far as 4th century and kept on being developed because of all of the warefar going on.

How were samuria trained and what fighting style did they use

  • Samurai were trained by having unarmed combat and weapons work. Samurai were not trained only physically but we're also mentally strong too.
  • Samurai used the popular judo and aikido as their form of fighting

Samurai training and the warrior code

How did somebody become a samurai

  • To become a samurai your father had to of been a samurai
  • Samurais would have to be trained privately
  • Hey samurai had a great variety of talents

what were samurai train to do much physically and mentally

  • Samurai were trained mentally and physically¬†to protect daimyos and shoguns from invaders and robbers.

What is bushido

  • Bushido is the warrior cold that requires for samurai to honorable, loyal and brave
  • Every samurai is required to follow the warrior code or Bushido

What other values did samuria live by

  • Samurai pledge to show respect for the gods and generosity towards the poor
  • Samurai believed in Zen Buddhism


  • Sepuku was when a samurai would sacrifice themselves so their family would not be frowned upon

Trianing in writing, literature and tea ceremony

Samuria were mentally strong

  • Samurai we're not just physically strong but also were mentally strong Semrai excelled in writing and literature
  • Samurai also participated in tea ceremonies

Spiritual training

Amida Buddhism and Zen Buddhism

  • Samurai who followed Zen Buddhism were taught to respect the gods and show generosity towards the poor.
  • Semrai who followed Aminda Buddhism also were taught to give to the poor

Women in samuria society

What role did the women play in the samuria society

  • When all the samurai we're out fighting, the woman samurai would stay back to protect the homestead

Life in the 12th century

  • In the 12th century the leader of Japan was Tokugawa leyasu
  • The 12th-century was very dependent on samurai fight for them

Life in the 17th century

  • During the 17th century the leader of Japan was Tokugawa leyasu
  • Japan was isolated from the rest of the world.

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