CAC 40 Evolution By Charles de saint-remy

Background Knowledge

As you may know that the Stock Market is very unstable.Any event can effect the Stock Market. Like the in 2007-2009 financial crisis were in all over the world the stock markets crash. CAC 40 is the French official stock market. It is named CAC 40 because it regroups the 40 biggest company's in France. For Example Carrefour, BNP, AXA and 37 more.It was open Internationally in 31 December 1987 but was nationally opened in 1964.

But now lets focus on the stock market over the last 17 years.Here are the sales of the CAC 40 over the last 17 years

The data is represented in the graph below

There are about two outliers the first one is in 2003 and seconde in 2007. What of happened in 2001 was that the two trade center towers in New York was hit which made the Stock Market crash for about 1-2 years. In 2007 the whole entire would was hit by a wave of financial crisis. Lots of banks had to close because of this event which made all the stock markets around the world crash.

Below are my calculation for the line of best fit


The last calculation that had to be done are for 2067 and 2112. At what price would the stock market would be in the years to come.

The stock market would maybe crash in 2067 and 2112.

My opinion

As I mentioned the stock market can change at any event. If tomorrow there is a drop on the oil supplies the stock market on oil will be very strong. I think that it is almost impossible.

Created By
Charles de Saint Remy


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