Adolf Hitler By Chaeli swanson & Destiny philpot

Hitler was a leader and dictator Of the Nazi's. He Killed over 6 million Jews. He also took over Germany and had a plan to start another war. He was not a good leader.

Nazi's dragging a Jew

Hitler wanted most control over a lot of lands. First he took over Germany. He didn't think that was enough. So he wanted to take over more control of more states.

After the start of the gruesome war in 1939, Hitler began to start his evil plan. He took control over Poland.

World War 2
Hitler getting ready for his plan
The polished nation about to get executed by Nazi's.

After the German defeat Hitlers orders became unpredictable. Then he decided Germany was no longer good. So He wanted It to be destroyed. But then later In 1945 April 30,Adolf Hitler committed suicide after a last appearance at the German appeal.

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