Is it art? or vandalism? Many people think that street art is vandalism... Well it actually is, but its also art. It is ilegal to paint in others property, but what if what you are painting is actually something pretty and creative? Unfortunatley it will still be vandalism but at the same time art, because it IS art, but the only problem is that people do it in places they dont ave permission.

It isnt vandalism when it isn't ilegal. By that I mean that people get a permission or, in many cities there are places to do street art freely and anonymously without needing any permission, so if you also go there it wouldn't be vandalism.

Many politicians, obviously, think it is vandalism, so in many cities and countries it is prohibited. In some places the penalty is not so much, in other places it is worst.

Created By
Sophia Puello


Created with images by ShonEjai - "background graffiti abstract" • garzadg1996 - "monterrey t-shirt blackbrand" • Gael Varoquaux - "Street art and lady crossing"

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