Magna Academy Sixth Form "To The Top Of The Mountain"


Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and for considering Magna as a post-16 educational option.

My name is Carleigh Akiti and it is my privilege to lead our Sixth Form at Magna.

You may be a current Magna student thinking about a seamless move from Year 11 to Year 12. You may be an external student looking for an alternative to the path you have taken up to GCSEs. But, wherever you have come from to arrive at this point, I hope that we provide you with the answers you need to make a fully informed choice about the next stage in your academic journey.

There are many pathways open to students after GCSE and I am determined to build on Magna being a great option in that marketplace.

This two-year period is crucial to teenagers who are looking to shape their lives for a better future, whether at university or in a great apprenticeship. For me, it is a privilege to be a guide, a motivator and a support to students as they take this journey. And it doesn’t end there.

For former students out in the worlds of work and further education, I want Magna to continue being a home-from-home when more support and advice is needed.

Mrs Akiti, Head of Sixth Form at Magna Academy

Our Vision

We passionately believe that success requires a combination of high expectations and high aspirations. And we are unapologetically ambitious for all our students - no matter what their background, prior attainment or needs.

We aim to provide each individual student with the keys to a successful life. We want you to leave us at age 18 with a distinct advantage over other young people. By the time you complete your education at Magna, we will expect you to have:

  • Achieved your personal best in all your qualifications
  • Developed the skills that are relevant to success in a fast-changing world
  • Accepted a place at University, on a high quality Apprenticeship or that you will be following an equally aspirational pathway.

Sometimes, we will be the support you need when the going gets hard. Sometimes we will be a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong. And sometimes we will deliver the tough love you need when we think you are capable of more.

Magna Academy will provide you with a positive learning environment, with outbound trips and with the unique Aspirations Employability Programme that will help you to reach your full potential, successfully completing your climb to the very top of the mountain.

Academy In Action

If you would like to request a tour during our 'working day' to see how we deliver a Sixth Form experience then please just use the button below to make that request:

Getting Started

If you are making your way through Year 11, either at Magna or elsewhere, you may well be thinking:

“The last thing I need on top of all this study pressure is to be thinking about Year 12.”

However, as you’ll discover in and throughout adult life, the sooner you can get a difficult decision out of the way, the sooner you are clear to think about everything else.

Though next Autumn may seem a long way off, applications to Sixth Form are open this Autumn and the majority of interviews for these places take place shortly after we have received your Application Pack.

You will have to work hard and think carefully about your future plans long before you even sit your first GCSE exam in May.

Naturally, there are a whole range of factors you will want to consider in deciding which pathway to follow. Students thinking about Year 12 should be asking themselves many important questions when coosing a pathway. Those questions might include:

  • What are my ambitions for my future destination, whether that is University, an Apprenticeship or Employment?
  • What subjects and grades will I need to get me there?
  • In which subjects am I currently enjoying most success?
  • Which subjects are the ones that interest and inspire me?

Still unsure about your future direction? Then why not choose a range of subjects that keep as many doors open as possible? Try to develop a portfolio of skills across a range of subjects. Think about what might be your most broad and balanced subject choices.

At this stage in the game, your goals should be about discovering a healthy combination of personal choice, personal experiences and preferred personal destinations.

Some of the following suggestions may help to inform your choices:

  1. Start your research and planning early.
  2. Google search any of the following: The National Careers Service (Department for Education); Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS); Career Connect
  3. Ask as many questions as you can.
  4. Leave no stone unturned.
  5. Remember that your subject teachers, your tutors and your parents/carers are all here to help and support you through this important process.
  6. Use our ‘in-house’ professional guidance and support. You can talk with any member of the team pictured to the right for advice and guidance: Mrs Akiti (top, left); Mr Kelly (top, right); Miss Crawford (bottom, left); Mrs Halls (bottom, right)

Entry requirements

Minimum Sixth Form entry criteria: Five or more GCSEs, or equivalent, Grades 5-9

Minimum subject entry criteria: Each subject has individual entry criteria. Please use the Curriculum Booklet to check that you meet any additional requirements to study your preferred subjects.

Minimum subject entry options: A minimum of three and maximum of four subjects can be selected.

Please note: A course may not be offered if there are too few students seeking to study that subject.

The application process

Application Form: Forms can be found in the Sixth Form area of the Magna website along with electronic versions of the Options Process presentation and accompanying booklet.

Your Deadline: 31st January 2019

Applications can be made throughout the year. However, we strongly encourage students to meet this January deadline in order to secure their preferred choices.

Interviews: Students will be invited to attend an interview with a member of the Magna Academy Sixth Form Team.

Work experience

Work experience is a mandatory requirement for every Year 12 student, as prescribed by the Government.

Entry into Year 13 will be dependent on the successful completion of this objective.

Work experience also provides you with:

  1. An excellent opportunity to research and try out different career paths. It can help confirm your route or inform your thinking when it comes to life beyond Sixth Form.
  2. Employment experience in your chosen fields and knowledge of transferable skills.
  3. Opportunities to develop your knowledge. This may in turn have a positive impact on your academic studies.
  4. Relevant experience to write about on your UCAS/Employment Applications. This is highly desired by Universities and by Employers. It can potentially give a student an edge over other candidates.
  5. Students will be expected to start working on their Work Experience research from the start of Unit 1. Students should work with Ms Halls to ensure their placements are purposeful and relevant to their chosen career path or particular interests. Year 12 students will also have the unique opportunity to work on real-life business projects in liaison with locally-based companies.

These Aspirations Projects run for 10 weeks each and require in-depth problem solving and a detailed presentation to potential employers from each team of Sixth Form students. Such an exciting opportunity can lead to an offer of employment and/or apprenticeships with the companies involved. They can also provide excellent networking prospects and a more informed understanding of industry.

Aspirations Employability Portfolio: AEP

Our goal

AEP is unique to our Trust and is a competition run nationally between Academies. Our goal in running this programme annually is to ensure that all Year 12 and Year 13 students pass on into further education or employment with the personal attributes and skills they will need for long-term career success.

“The AEP gave us the opportunity to build a real life app and work with a professional industry expert” Holly, Class of 2019

The Portfolio structure

The programme is comprised of three ten-week projects driven by the problems, issues and challenges facing a real company or organisation.

We work in teams of up to five to research a given problem, then to design and present solutions to an external panel of judges. Importantly, students will gain insights into industries they may not have previously considered as a future pathway.

Winning groups from each project will be entered into a National Final, typically held in London. Each winning group from across all Aspirations Academy Trust locations will present to a panel of judges, who will then decide on the winning project.

2018 projects:


Students have been designing a mobile app with programmes that provide effective support and resilient foundations for positive emotional wellbeing for primary school children.


Magellan Aerospace is a global enterprise providing integrated products to the aerospace industry worldwide. Students will be working with Magellan do develop products to support their business.


If you are not already familiar with the word, a bursary is money that you, or your education or training provider, can use to pay for things like clothing, books and other equipment to help you on your course. It might also help with transport and lunch on days that you study.

To be eligible to receive a bursary at Magna Academy, our student must be aged under 19 on 31 August in the academic year in which they start their programme of Post-16 study.

To receive and continue to receive a bursary the student must also satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Your level of attendance to all lessons must be no less than 94%.
  2. You must maintain and uphold the terms of the Sixth Form Contract.
  3. You must remain in full time education at Magna Academy Sixth Form.

Funds will be typically used for:

  • Transport
  • Books and equipment, on production of receipts
  • General hardship
  • Trips that are an essential part of the curriculum
  • Other discretionary

Our scheme is made up of two parts:

Full bursary

£1,200:00 per academic year Awarded for those most in need of financial support, e.g. young people:

  • in care
  • in families receiving income support
  • who are disabled and receiving Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance

Discretionary bursary

Up to £500:00 per academic year. Available for our students who are in need of finance to help meet specific costs that will enable them to stay in education.

For more information, please see our Sixth Form Bursary Information and Application Booklet.



You’re a Year 12 student. The heavy lifting of getting through your GCSEs is behind you. Your two-year Post-16 course is underway. You go to NASA with your school for ten days to support your studies. Rewind. You do what? True. With Aspirations Trust, two lucky Year 12 students each year are invited to join the Space Education Adventures trip of a lifetime.

The aim of this visit is for the students to experience and understand what it is like to be working at the cutting-edge frontiers of science. It is a journey designed to inspire, to stretch and to develop students in more than just science. In Year 12, all students are encouraged to apply for the annual Space Education Adventure to NASA in the USA.

Left: Huge thrusters on the Apollo craft.; Right: The tiny, cramped Apollo lander. Imagine feeling this claustrophobic in the vast infinity of space so far away from the Earth.

Space Education Adventures are aimed at students who have a real desire to work on their personal development regardless of their interest in space exploration. During this adventure trip, students are given unique opportunities and amazing experiences to grow their knowledge and understanding of the world, of themselves and of the history of space travel and our common human desire to explore.

Our students meet with astronauts and engineers working on the space programme. They visit Houston in Texas and Cape Canaveral in Florida - broadening their experiences and developing leadership skills. And the best part? For the successful students who make it onto the trip, this comes at no cost to parents/carers. What’s not to love about an offer like that?

Sixth Form Privileges


We recognise that the needs and expectations of Post-16 students are different to the needs for order and structure in the lower school. So, as a member of our Sixth Form cohort, you will be entitled to a number of privileges:

The Sixth Form Hub

Our newly-renovated Sixth Form Hub is an area we have set aside exclusively for use by Sixth Form students.

We have a soft seating area and a kitchen area with a microwave, tea and coffee making facilities and a fridge. Students are free to use the Hub during non-timetabled study periods and at break and lunchtime.

Day and Afternoon Passes

If you are a student who keeps up-to-date with all your work and who has an excellent attendance record, you will be happy to learn that these behaviours can be rewarded by the grant of an afternoon or day pass.

Your pass allows you to study at home during times when you have multiple free periods. Passes will only be issued in discussion with individual subject teachers.

Student Leadership Team

As a member of Sixth Form you will be able to apply to become a member of the Student Leadership Team.

Student Leaders support senior staff during lower school lunch time and line-ups. Additionally, Leaders act as mentors for the lower school and support staff with Academy events.

We host a leadership training trip for our Student Leadership Team, supporting them with the necessary leadership and management thinking and practice required to be an exceptional leader - not just at Magna, but through life.

Talks, Trips and Workshops

We will consult with you as a group in planning a variety of talks and workshops for our Sixth Form. This will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully take your next steps beyond the end of your Post-16 education.

We are also planning a variety of social trips designed to recognise and reward students who are working hard towards their goals.

The Magna Academy Alumni Group

Firstly, let us explain what an ‘alumni’ is. It is defined as being:

A group of people who have graduated from a school or university. Alumni is usually used to refer to a group of graduates of either one or both genders. Alumnus traditionally refers to a single male graduate. The feminine equivalent is Alumna.

Established for the first time in 2018, the Magna Academy Alumni Group now has almost 100 members, composed mainly of former students and staff.

Our vision at Magna for this Group is, we believe, a little different to other Alumni offers. We want to extend the Magna family beyond Year 13 through your University or Apprenticeship years and on into your career journeys.

We believe that you will be an invaluable source of inspiration to current Magna students. We want to know how you are doing and what challenges and joys you are experiencing.

We would love you to come back and visit us.

We also want to be a help and support to all our former students in your lives beyond Magna. If you are having problems in further education and need someone to talk with, we want you to consider us. If you are preparing for an important interview or looking for work, no matter how long it is since you left us, we want to be a potential source of support.

But, more than these things, we just want to keep in touch and to follow your life journey as you meet the joys and sorrows we all have in life. Every single member of our community matters to us and you don’t stop mattering when you move beyond school and into the wider world as young adults.

Thank you for thinking about your possible Sixth Form life at Magna

If you have any questions you would like answered, just contact Mrs Akiti here:

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