Weird Cold War Things Created by: Shaun Profaizer and Samuel corum

The name of the game is to determine whether the picture shown is US or Soviet, then scroll down to see the answer; good luck and have fun! Let's start off with an easy one. Is the following tank American or Russian?

American Tv-8 nuclear reactor powered tank... canceled because if it ever got taken out there would be a big boom.

Continuing on is this tank Russian or American?

Russian Object 279, was a tank designed to withstand nuclear blasts. hence the additional tracks

this next one is a really cool idea, but has practicality issues.

It is a nuclear bomber that could fly for 2 days around the entire globe, along with carrying the nuclear bomb, it could carry a small deploy-able fighter jet for self defense.

It was the b-36 peacemaker, meaning it was American since the B- stands for Boeing or bomber. This project failed for 2 reasons. One: "it was much more difficult for the aircraft to retrieve the Fighter Jet. The first time test pilot Ed Schoch attempted to get the plane back into the belly, the trapeze hook they were trying to snag him with smashed through his canopy, knocking him unconscious and tearing away his flight helmet." Two: the pilot of the drop fighter had no means of leaving the aircraft while it was in the bomb bay, meaning he had to spend 2 days in a small cramped fighter jet.

It is larger than a 747, could transport 1000 troops or 6 nuclear missiles, and there were plans to make aircraft carriers with it's technology. It could fly over 300mph only 10 feet off the ocean.

It was named the Ekranoplan, and called the "caspian sea monster" which kind of gives away that it is Russian.

This next one is hard, so think carefully.

Its a space shuttle...

While yes it is a space shuttle... it is the Russian space shuttle, yes they actually built one and it outperformed the American one in almost every way. Unfortunately, it ran out of funding, and because we were Americans, we made no effort to improve our design.

So here it is today, and where it has been for 30 years...
xb-70 A supersonic nuclear long range bomber, meaning it could go for a long range with a nuclear payload at mach 2. What makes this bizarre is that the wing tips at super sonic speeds would tilt down to spoil lift and increase speed as shown in the picture. Along with it's funky gear deployment.

American, though this next one should be easy since there is only one of these in existence, and it has a world record.

You can see the 747 and just how big the largest cargo aircraft in the world is. being able to carry over half a million pounds of cargo.

So, NASA used 747s to transport the shuttles. But as stated before, the Russian shuttle was bigger and better, meaning it was too heavy to use the Russian equivalent An-25. Not to mention the Russians wanted the shuttle to fit inside the plane. Well, that wasn't going to happen, not before the designers had modified the An-25 to the An-225.

Lets just be glad no nukes were deployed.

Well, the United states wanted accurate nuclear bombs, as to not kill civilians but demoralize them in case of a war. Russia had the opposite approach and made things like the Tsar Bomba, which like the tank was ridiculous.

If the Tsar Bomba was dropped on overland park.

That's all folks.

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