ABC's of Africa By: abby warfel


Second largest country

Was part of the super continent called Pangaea.


Free noble men

Tribes that travel around


Capital of Egypt

Near the Giza pyrmaids

Drakenburg Mountains

Length is 620 miles long

3 rivers originate around the mountain


Kills many people in Africa

Transmitted through direct contact


Colonized Africa for military proposes

Once controlled 8% of the world

Ghana Empire

Southeastern Mauritania

They collected gold everywhere when they ruled

Horn of Africa

Most cultural things in other counties in Africa can be traced back to this area

It is the eastern most extension in Africa


Means trade path

The largest religion in Arica


Largest city in Africa

The famous pyramid are very close the city

Kalahari Desert

It is a plain interior plateau

It about 360,000 square miles long


Where the Portuguese people settled when they came to Africa

They moved in this region to mine gold


The country's bordering the mediterrain sea.

Comprises the Atlas mountains

Niger River

Most unusual routes of any major rivers

Lions and a lot of other animals use the river as a water source

Orange River

Longest river in southern Africa

Was named after a kingdom with orange in their name they went to the river commonly


Expanded into Africa to gain their gold mines

They introduced sugar cane and tobacco which some of the wealth the country get comes from this


The text of Islam

The book helped spread Islam around Africa

Red Sea

9 countries share the shoreline of this sea

Many people have been in ship wrecks and mainly deaths in this sea


Mainly found in Africa

At a time in history salt could be more powerful than gold

Tanganyika Lake

2nd oldest freshwater lake

Has kept different boundaries from countries


People from southern Nigeria

A major ethnic group

Victoria Falls

2,700 meters long

A famous landmark in Africa


The art of Africa

They are mostly made for the money they get to sell the items


Located in the eastern cape of South Africa

About 433 miles away from the capital of South Africa


African Ethnic group found in Southern Democratic

Has dropped hunting


A member of flarinino family

Killed people made people and causes birth defects


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