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Seek classes represent their countries at the model un conference

A Story About the United Nations

The SEEK students of IHMS and many other middle and high schools are representing their Model UN countries that they researched and defended for at the 51st Topeka Model UN for two days at the end of February by debating and examining many papers written from countries of many areas and alliances. This meeting isn't easy though, the delegates must wake up at 5:30 and the bus leaves at 6:30 making them sleepy and not thinking well, and the hour and a half bus ride doesn't help. when we arrive at the Ramada we go to the grand meeting room and go through an hour long speech introducing us to the new event that our nations and us will enjoy.

After we get the jist of the whole thing then we go to our meeting rooms with our presidents and delegates, and in my case meeting room one and two because I was in world council A. Once we get settled in the room we do a role call and find our seats and later the presidents introduce their selves and how the flow of debate will work. Someone calls to start business and we start the first resolution with an authorship speech. After every speech we ask questions. After that we do a negation speech with questions then a affirmation speech and so on until their are no more speeches left and then someone will make a motion, usually to ask to vote. We do twenty of these resolutions over two days.

In between two sessions of debate we also eat at the Topeka mall food court where there is a Chick-filla, two Chinese restaurants, and a pizza place. On the second day of representing our nations after lunch we have an award ceremony as well as a native clothes show for about an hour and a half. After the ceremony we got back on the bus to go home and return to school the next day. When I got home I told my parents about my life as a delegate at the UN conference.


Junior Lancers Get Ready For Big Games

A Story about Henry Bair and the Junior Lancers

The junior Lancers basketball team of Prairie Village, Kansas represent their soon to be school at an end of the season tournament that could name them GABL league champions. The Lancers are as hot as can be coming of a win against their rival elementary school whom they practice with every Monday. Their record is 5-1 with big wins over other teams at IHMS. This might be the last season that the lancers play together since 8th grade basketball is coming soon.

The competition will be tough because they moved up to a harder tournament since they started in the bottom league with low expectations but have obviously impressed the league. They will be playing teams from the higher of the two divisions and will most likely be a low seed playing one of the best teams in the tourney. But do not fear because the Lancers have some huge prospects that may even play on the A teams at IHMS like Henry Bair a SF who I have never heard of before, Michael Scott an elite point guard, Ethan Oulafson another small forward, and Max Franklin an amazing center. These players could have a 15 point outing in any game of the season.

This group of kids have been together for more than 6 years and have never played with anyone else. Though some have played in the GABL all star game, playing with many new faces on a school team will be challenging. These Lancers are well prepared for the games and new experiences they will face but will still have many troubles. If you have a chance, watching them would be a great pleasure.

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A Mispeled Ledgen

A Story Told By Ethan Olufson

Loin was born when the creator (AKA Ethan Olufson) had misspelled lion in one of his presentations and everybody started laughing. Loin king was born on Oct 27th, stated in the timeline of the legendary Fourth Hour. The Loin spread like a virus and soon everybody was calling him Loin King.

Ethan was at the podium and he was almost done with his presentation, he was showing what animal personality he was and he was a lion but the spelling was all wrong. Ethan was soon permanently known as the Loin King. This triggered a bunch more nicknames for Ethan and the other students joked about them all the time. This was the birth of the LOIN KING!!!

The king has accomplished many things but the most impressive one was running and being elected as mayor of fourth hour seek. Competition was tough but Loin won by a landslide. He was the best mayor seekville had ever elected and had forever changed seek for future citizens of sevie and eighth county. He gave the best speech ever were he famously said “Always be yourself unless you can be Loin King then alway be Loin King”. The King had many other accomplishments which made him legendary. Amazingly he was picked to go into the seek hall of fame along with other famous figures.

Loin King is still living today in room 242 at the age of ¾ of a semester. Thankfully I, Henry Bair, was able to witness the amazing life of Loin King because of my switch from 6th to 4th hour. Sadly I never saw the King's childhood and didn’t even know about him till the second semester of a sevies life. Even after middle school (Loin King's death) he will always be remembered and guard fourth hour seek and all who contain it.

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The sports world all in one show

A Story About ESPN

ESPN, a sports channel, located in many spots across the US such as Los Angeles and Orlando has caught sport followers attention in the last ten years because of its opinions and highlights of many different sports and levels. The first airing of ESPN was on September 7th, 1979 when hosts and reporters found on sports center gave amazing info of the sports world. Early on ESPN was not very well known and was on only a few cable networks but now it has became a daily ritual for most people now that more than 80% of Americans do or did a sport in their life.

I, Henry Bair watch sports center every morning for about 20 minutes to learn about what is happening in my favorite sports. So does my father who watches the night sports center which he records because he prefers that one more than the morning 7-8 edition that I usually watch. In the morning and night sports center is on ESPN while the afternoon is for talk and debate shows, and live sports for evenings. When I come home from school I can turn on the TV and watch live sports which is my favorite part of ESPN like baseball, basketball, or any sport I like.

Sports center covers many different aspects of sports. For one trades and sport business like team ownership and trades that might or might not be helpful to your sports team. Another one, games and highlights that tell you what happened in sport games. Another, sports stories that may be interesting to you. Finally, ESPN has other news that doesn't have to do with sports but is still very important. I hope that this report of ESPN has found you a new morning and afternoon ritual that will entertain you.


Strangest School schedule ever?

A Story About the Shawnee Mission School District

The Shawnee Mission school schedule in Johnson County Kansas has been quite a ride for students this 2016-2017 year because of crazy school weeks and holiday breaks. There are three annual long breaks for the school year, Winter Break, Spring Break, and a four day weekend in between because of a holiday and teacher work day. Here at the Shawnee Mission schools the third quarter is nearing an end and Spring Break is only a few days away

The strange thing about the schedule this year is that there have been so many days off due to teacher work days and holidays. Amazingly there has only been one full week this whole third quarter. But sadly the fourth quarter has quite a few full weeks and most students dislike because of the work of the extra days and less free time for homework and other activities. The thing about having these big breaks and weekends is a lot of tests and homework before the break all in one or two days.

The big question is why is the schedule so weird? This schedule is so unusual because of the already holidays that we get of every year but also many teacher work days for meetings, grading, and others. These work days are different for each district and level of school so some schools may have many more days. This strange schedule has given student time to catch up on work and have a break from the exhausting work of school.

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