crayfish by colt

Do you like crayfish? Well you're in luck because Today's your lucky day!!!! You get to learn about crayfish. So find something comfy to sit in or lay on and enjoy the presentation.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crayfish eat plants,snails,worms,insects and other crayfish. Most crayfish eat at night because they are nocturnal.Some crayfish eat small fish or they eat other crayfish because they are hungry.

Do you even know why crayfish have to eat? Well it’s just like us! They have to eat so they don’t die!

But if they eat fish or other crayfish they will survive.

To feed a crayfish in a tank you need to put it in a feeding tank and sprinkle at least 5 cat food peices and let them eat it for at least 1 hour.

Do you know any other foods crayfish eat?

Pet care.if crayfish are pets they need to be loved on like us and the people all around the world.they need to have a habitat which is a tank for them to live in. second they need to have food to survive.

Molting!!!!!! Do you know why crayfish molt? Well it is

Because when a crayfish has its shell on for to

Long it gets too tight!!! so they worm their way out of the squeezing tight shell then grow another shell to keep them safe. if the crayfish molts when you are not their and you have two crayfish, the crayfish that is not

Molting, the crayfish molted will eat it!!!!! Poor crayfish.


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