The 2020 New Jersey Club Internship Program NEW JERSEY CLUB MANAGERS ASSOCIATION

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What is the NJ Club Internship Program?

What does the NJ Club Internship Program offer?

How do we get to meet the Club Managers?

How does the Internship Program work?

Tell me about the scholarships that are available.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Who can I speak with about the program?

The Clubs

Arcola Country Club

Baltusrol Golf Club

Bay Head Yacht Club

Beacon Hill Country Club

Bradford Bath and Tennis Club

Canoe Brook Country Club

Echo Lake Country Club

Edgewater Beach & Cabana Club

Edgewood Country Club

Forest Hill Field Club

Glen Ridge Country Club

Indian Trail Club

Liberty National Golf Club

Manasquan River Golf Club

Mountain Ridge Country Club

North Jersey Country Club

Plainfield Country Club

Preakness Hills Country Club

Rumson Country Club

Somerset Hills Country Club

Spring Brook Country Club

Spring Lake Golf Club

Trump National Golf Club

White Beeches Golf and Country Club

New Jersey Club Foundation Participating Clubs

The Overview

The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) is a national, professional Association for managers of membership clubs. With close to 6,500 members, manager members run more than 2,500 country, golf, city, athletic, faculty, yacht, town and military clubs throughout the U.S.

Student Membership & Development

Undergraduate and/or graduate hospitality management majors enrolled in 4-year or 2-year accredited colleges or universities are eligible to apply for a CMAA student membership. CMAA recognizes its responsibility to assist students in gaining a better understanding of the club management profession and in selecting a career in this sector of the hospitality industry. There are currently 45 CMAA student chapters and colonies and more than 1,200 student members.

The New Jersey Club Managers Association, a chapter of the Club Managers Association of America, has developed a program entitled NJ Club Internship Program. The Clubs and Club Managers within New Jersey wanted to create a vehicle to attract and retain hospitality man- agement students who were seriously interested in both employment at a private Club and/or interested in a career in the Club Management profession.

What is the NJ Club Internship Program?

The NJ Club Internship Program is a program developed by the New Jersey Club Managers Association to link students who attend two-year or four-year College or University Hotel and Restaurant Management Programs with New Jersey Clubs and Club Managers for purposes of potential internship and employment opportunities.

What does the Program offer?

There are several opportunities and benefits that accrue through the NJ Club Internship Program.

These include:

Opportunities to meet Club Managers and discuss possible employment within the individual Club or the Club Management Industry.

Intern Program opportunities within individual Clubs.


How do we get to meet Club Managers?

There are several ways to meet Club Managers.

These include the following:

Involvement in your University’s Student Chapter of Club Managers Association of America.

Club Managers are frequent guest speakers and lecturers at Hospitality Management schools.

Career Days at Universities with Hospitality Management Programs.

Through a link at the NJ Club Internship Program; The appendix of this brochure lists Clubs in the New Jersey Chapter who currently participate in this program and would like to hear from you. The Managers of these Clubs realize that summer and full- time employment of students is most realistic if the students live in close proximity to the Club. Some Clubs have housing facilities available.

Employment at a Club or participation in a Club Intern Program.

Complete a NJ Club Internship Program application and send it to your desired Club.

How does the Program work?

Several Clubs in New Jersey offer Intern Programs. Each is structured by the individual Manager to provide students with an opportunity to get exposed to multiple facets of Club Management. Internships come in all shapes and forms in the club management profession. To give some parameters and guidance to club managers and students alike, please consider the following types of internships.

Level 1: Position of Experience Based Internship

This is an internship where a student is assigned to a basic club job or staff position but is also oriented to a club’s culture, tradition and its operations. Usually a short orientation starts the experience and then the student intern is trained in the position and occupies it for a set time period. Good examples of position internships might include: receptionist, wait staff, an activity staffer in a summer children’s or youth program or beverage cart attendant.

Level 2: Rotational Internship

This is an internship where a student rotates through the various departments in the club, which includes one week in each departmental area, such as: clubhouse dining, culinary operations, golf shop operations, golf and tournament management, pool operations, club accounting and financial reporting, grounds and turf management, membership marketing and services, clubhouse event planning and other areas of club operations specific to your club. Student interns typically rotate through these club departments and then settle into a specific area for a more in-depth orientation and provide service to the club during the second portion of the internship. These are highly rewarding internships for both the club and the student. This type of internship position is typically held during the second or third summer of a four-year program. Academic credit may be earned for this level of internship.

Level 3: Leadership Internship

This is an internship where a student operates a revenue center for the club and is responsible for staffing and providing all operational guidance or leadership in managing this area. This might include the operation of a poolside cafe or operating the cabaña venues at a beach club or running the snack bar on the golf course. This internship is typically considered a third level and is performed during the third or final summer of a college student’s four-year program. Candidates seeking this internship are highly experienced students who are ready and able to take on a leadership role and are able to assume full responsibility of an operational area. Academic credit may be earned for this level of internship.

Tell me about the scholarships available.

The New Jersey Club Managers Association has developed a scholarship program in an attempt to recognize students who demonstrate a sincere desire through their actions to pursue a career in Club Management.

The criteria for scholarships are as follows:

Four Year College or University Students:

Active membership and participation in the CMAA student chapter at the college or university

Successful completion of one semester in a 4-year Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management program

Freshmen and Sophomores must be taking or have completed an introductory course in hospitality. Juniors and Seniors must be taking or have completed a 3-credit course dedicated to Club Management.

Two Year College Students:

Active membership in CMAA (National organization) See www.CMAA.org>Students>Student membership for an application.

Successful completion of one (1) semester of program related to hospitality.

Two and Four Year College or University Students:

Proof of part-time or full time work, or an internship for a minimum of 300 hours within the immediate past 12 months at a club located in New Jersey belonging to the National Club Manager’s Association (CMAA).

Demonstrated academic achievement with a minimum GPA of 2.25 on a 4.0 scale.

A letter of recommendation from a New Jersey Club Manager.

How do I apply for the Scholarship?

Students who wish to apply for a scholarship should complete the application available www.njcma.org >NJ Club Foundation >Scholarships to download the application.

Applications and all required information must be received on or before October 1

Students may apply and be awarded a scholarship more than once.

Based on availability of funds and merit of applications, the Foundation may award up to six scholarships between $1500 and $5000.

Scholarships will be awarded in November and presented at the New Jersey Club Managers Association’s Annual Meeting.

Completed applications, and other required documents should be mailed to:

New Jersey Club Foundation Scholarship, Rumson Country Club

163 Rumson Road

Att: Cindy Williams, CCM

Who can I speak with about the Internship Program?

Students may call or write the following Club Managers to discuss the NJ Club Internship Program:

Alexander Mueller, CCM, Beacon Hill Country Club

8 Beacon Hill Road

Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716



Who can I speak with about the Scholarship Program?

Students may call or write the following Club Managers to discuss the NJ Club Scholarship Program:

Cindy Williams, CCM

Rumson Country Club

163 Rumson Road

Rumson, NJ 07760



For any additional information on the internship program or available scholarships please visit www.njcma.org

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