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Stephanie Jones and Hilary Hughes: University of Georgia professors in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice in *an article for NPR stated:

“This is not home schooling.

It is not distance learning.

It is not online schooling.”

We can’t just pull out familiar terms to describe, a completely new phenomenon.

You are guiding your family and students through a historic, deadly pandemic with severe economic stressors. Stop and think about that. That is what you are doing. Have you ever done that before?

Brene Brown, recently coined a term

"Terrible First Tries" or "TFT's."

Terrible First Tries: "TFT's"

As an amateur artist, I like to use the phrase, "Give yourself permission to make bad art."


Celebrate Your TFTs or Bad Art.

Personal Challenge:

Take a minute and come up with a list of your TFT's or Bad Art since the virus started.

"Doug Harris at Tulane University was part of a research team tracking students as they returned to New Orleans and re-enrolled in newly reorganized schools. He says it took TWO FULL YEARS— from the spring of 2006 to the spring of 2008 — for those returning students to fully recover their lost learning" NPR Savin.

Create Masterpieces

Taking care of our families and building strong connections with our students is where we can make masterpieces.

Keeping our students emotionally healthy and connected during this crisis is one of the greatest contribution you can make toward their future academic success.

If you can't make masterpieces, at least make really good macaroni necklaces!

So how do we do that?

1. Settle the Ball

Part one: Allow yourself to grieve the loss of your "normal life."

I miss_________.

How do you know you are grieving? You're mad, sad, impatient, irritable, lonely, eating too much, eating too little, worried, scared. If you are not sure, ask the people you are quaratined with in the house. They'll tell ya.

Part 2. Identify those feelings and own them.

I feel________ because___________

2. Look at the field

Part 1: There are things you can control and things you can't control.

What are some things you can't control? I can't control__________.

What are some things I can control____________?

Part 2: Know where your teammates are!

Teammates: Family members, friends, PLN, FB Group

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"Can I tell you my thinking about online classes and homework? I think that you should extend more communication about online classes. There are still many classmates missing and the idea is that we all learn together. You can use many alternatives and you will see how you can encourage them." -Cristian. March 22, 2020

3. Kick the Ball Toward the Goal

Create your masterpieces, you already know how!

Vista Rising by Marshal Stephens


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