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Below you'll find samples of my work from throughout my career. My most recent corporate gigs have had pretty tight restrictions on what I can share, but I'd be happy to talk more about those projects in person.


An example of a contracting project where I wore many hats: UI, UX, and internal pitchman.

A site audit, UX brainstorming, UI redesign, stakeholder pitch deck, and seven proof-of-concept pages built using the Gumby framework, including a live style guide


I began as an Adobe Flash guy, but now the proliferation of javascript libraries and maturation of CSS animation is an exciting new playground

When there is a lot of information and not a lot of space, interaction and motion design can help a viewer progress through in smaller, more engaging chunks

a skilled generalist

Over the years, I've just about done it all, design-wise. Print, web, presentations, typography, icons, publications, logos, tshirts, sketches, video storyboards... I look forward to helping you solve your next design challenge!

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