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The EU is a supranational government which has centripetal forces bring them together, but also centrifugal forces pulled them apart. A centripetal force in the EU is that citizens can travel freely across borders to find work or to live. Goods can also travel through borders without tariffs. Saving lots of money! For example if a company from Portugal wanted to ship tea to France they wouldn't have to pay a tariff (tax on goods) to get across the border. Another is that the EU government speaks as one voice - symbolizing that they are a team and work together. Although the EU does have its problems. A centrifugal force is the diversity and cultural beliefs of the different countries. Also, The people in Western Europe are generally wealthier and have had more economic success than the people in Eastern Europe. Another is although the Euro is very helpful, a centrifugal force with it is that not all countries have adapted to the common currency the Euro. The EU has its benefits (centripetal) - easy travel for goods and people without pay and the euro. Although It also had its weaknesses (centrifugal) - varied beliefs and religion and not everyone having the euro.

What do you think is the most effective style of government and why? Representative democracy is the most effective style of government. I think democracy because the citizens rule and vote in elections to elect their leader. The citizens give their consent of governed or their permission for the leader to lead their country by voting, so if they dislike their leader they will not reelect him/her.In other words, citizens get to vote on who their leader is. If they don't like their leader the citizens don't have to vote for him/her in the next election. In a democracy, there are many branches of government such as the judicial branch and the congress. With this many different branches it is harder for a democracy to become a dictatorship.Since there are many forms of government it makes it a lot harder for one leader to gain total control. In other words, in a democracy there is limited government and separation of power. Representative Democracy is the most effective style of government because there are limits on the leaders, giving the citizens more control on the decisions of the country.
What does it mean to be a good citizen? To be a good citizen is to respect all the laws, rights and responsibilities that you have. Some examples of rights a citizen has are - the right to vote, the right to petition, and freedom ofspeech. A citizen also has many responsibilities, such as voting and to pay taxes. Being a citizen of a country like the USA is awesome because there are many fair laws and rights that give people freedom.

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