ERASING Histories: A Placed-based argument for ontological dignity April O'Brien -- Clemson University -- @aprilobrien412

Horrorism: distinct from terrorism
Spaces experience horrorism
Pendleton, SC -- an "expressive space"

Horrorism and Ontological Dignity

Horrorism is an offense against the ontological dignity of the individual person; it is an offense against who I am, the face, the material body.

placed-based horrorism

"Plato dramatizes the power of places to move the soul" (Walter 146).
The Village Green -- Pendleton, SC

spaces with ontological dignity

Courtesy of Pendleton's website,
"Things become rhetorically meaningful via the consequentiality they spark in the world" (Gries 3).

While the historical marker is a material reminder of the space that surrounds it, the sign also testifies to absences: the absences of historical accounts, the absences of buildings that have been burned down or simply don't exists any longer, and the absences of individuals who have lived and died.

April O'Brien - - @aprilobrien412

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