ARE YOU THE PREACHER By Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr.

Excerpt: “Are You The Preacher” Chapter IV

God said that He has chosen us and given us a divine privilege. He is entrusting us with His reputation, His word and His anointing. Nothing in us made us worthy for this privilege. The preacher is God’s chosen vessel in the earth that must be constantly poured into. We must be mobilized into the greater things of God. Every preacher should want to become greater and advance further than they are now with more wisdom and knowledge; more word and anointing. There comes a time in the life of a preacher, if they are not careful, they will try to figure out what is going on with their ministry because there is a frustration that has set in and they can’t pinpoint where it is coming from. Many times, the frustration doesn’t come from the members of your church or the title of what you have been called, but comes because the purpose in you is not being fulfilled.

Many preachers are frustrated because of the purpose that God has placed in them (Ezra 4:4-5) There are three things that God gave the preacher that are vitally important namely your CALLING, PURPOSE, and DESTINY. These three things must become the primary focus of the preacher who must know that they are going somewhere and where that somewhere is. Preachers cannot stay in the same place or realm all the time. They also can’t have the same revelation all of the time. You must become mobile to the extent that you are moving in the things of God.

I have talked to many great pastors across this nation with mega ministries and minor ministries. Many of them have voiced their frustration of nothing coming together for them. The first indication of frustration that comes to your ministry is disorganization. Things seem to be out of order around you. It could be in your church, your house, your business or on your job. Everything seems to be in disarray, because your purpose is being frustrated and something must happen in order for your purpose to be fulfilled. That’s why every preacher must be able to tap into God and find out what’s frustrating their purpose.

One of the things that Ezra had to face, and every preacher will have to face this accusation. Accusation is not for you to give up on your purpose for this reason; every accusation is not always accurate. With every accusation (if you know your purpose), you should be released from some degree of frustration, especially if you are being falsely accused. Many of us have lost our focus and concentration because of some accusations. Accusation is part of your challenge in your calling that the enemy uses to deter or defeat your purpose in life. It makes you begin to say within yourself, “I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to preach, I don’t want to say what God says, I don’t want to go into church today, I don’t want to confront the people, I don’t want to study my bible, I don’t want to pray, I don’t want to hear from God, I’m sick and tired of it, I just want to throw in the towel and forget these people. God these are your people!” The preacher’s purpose is being frustrated from accusation of lies and schemes.

Why the accusation on the preacher? First of all, you have an opponent that doesn’t want you to fulfill your purpose. It is Satan himself; Lucifer, the Devil and he has assigned to every preacher an opponent. You can cast the opponent away, run the opponent away or rebuke the opponent but he is only going away for a season. With what God has established in you there is nothing in the earth; nothing in the atmosphere; nothing in the world that can ever stop the purpose of God. Whatever God has purposed in the earth there is no witch, warlock or militant force of hell that can stop God’s purpose. The only thing that the devil can do to your purpose is to frustrate it. He can’t stop it!

When your purpose become frustrated, you become discouraged. You can even lose your interest in church. Pastors can drive to the church and just sit there in the car debating should they go in or not. We must remain focused because it is a trick of the enemy. God has to have preachers that will stand strong! No backing up and backing down from any devil that they are faced with! I was talking to a preacher the other day who I hadn’t talked with in quite some time. He was telling me that he was thinking about shutting down his church. Well, first of all I didn’t know that it was his church. Who can shut down God? Preachers have we gone beyond ourselves? Who put us in position to close God’s doors? What makes us think that we can close what God has opened? We should get out of the way, because we can’t shut God’s door because we don’t have the power to do it. Are you the preacher, or shall we look for another?

I suggested, to that preacher, that perhaps someone else could take over but not to shut the church with a congregation down. What am I saying? Spiritual frustration! You don’t know what it is that has you the way that you are. God can anoint you and give you a revelation and there is still frustration. The preacher must understand that your call is a divine call which means that there will be more spiritual attacks than natural attacks. It’s not a person; it’s the forces of hell you are warring against.

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