Shrek Bella Gore

Once apon of time there was an ogre named Shrek that lived alone in a swamp.

Everyday he loved being and doing things all by himself.

But, one day he was putting up beware of ogre signs so no one came to his swamp and ran into a talking donkey.

Because of that guards were coming after the donkey because they wanted to turn him in for being able to talk and make money off of him. When the guards were chasing him they ran into shrek and asked him to give them the donkey. Shrek yelled and scared them off.

Because of that Donkey was really greatful to Shrek. Shrek was getting really annoyed because he wanted to be left alone. Even though donkey knew that Shrek wanted him to leave he continued sleeping outside of his house and wouldn't leave his side.

Because of that donkey made a lot of attention to Shreks house. The next day all kinds of creatures invaded shreks swamp and told him for them to leave he had to save a princess from a castle protected by a dragon.

Until finally Shrek agreed and rescued the princess. He got to her without slaying the dragon. On the way back they spent time together not know at night the princess Fiona turned into an ogre. When they got back Lord Farkward and the princess were going to get married until Shrek walked in.

Fiona and Shrek ended up married. Fiona is now always an ogre. Donkey stick continues to bother Shrek but Shrek considers him as family. They all lived happily ever after.


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