JPMorgan Chase By India Maldonado

JPMorgan Chase is a major financial institution in the United States and throughout the world. They provide many services such as:

Investment Banking
Asset Management
Financial Services
And much more
History/Economic facts
  • JPMorgan Chase is one of the oldest banks in the United States of America, established in 1799 by earlier predecessors (~1200 other institutions)
  • They employ about 235,000 people and operate in over 100 countries
  • Earned $99.88 billion in revenue
  • Owns $2,423 billion worth in assets (Surpassing Bank of America in 2011)
Philanthropy work
  • In 2015, the firm and its Foundation gave more than $200 million to thousands of non-profits across 47 states and 43 countries
  • They have also taken several key initiatives in areas such as workforce readiness, small business development, and community development/affordable housing
  • Match employees with non-profits based on their specialties and needs, which helps create a bigger impact (such as the Map Making program)
"My internships at J.P. Morgan prepared me for full-time employment better than any other job or academic experience."
"The best aspects were 1) work/life balance, 2) the focus on development of junior talent, and 3) the mobility opportunities."
"My internship allowed me to genuinely experience life as a full-time research associate at J.P. Morgan and the autonomy that often comes along with being a research analyst."
"Doing first-class business in a first class way"


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