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Disciple-Making Movements are exploding all around the world – in many countries, people groups and cultures - disciples are being made at an unprecedented rate.

Disciple-makers are trying new and innovative ways to help people meet Jesus and yet at the core of every Disciple-Making Movement there is one common element. Prayer.

All the experiences of people who are effectively making disciples tell us a prayer movement comes before a Disciple-Making Movement.

Wherever God has called us to make disciples - prayer is the foundation.

Let's take a moment and pray for regions and people of our world where Praxeis is working.


Across Queensland, Sydney, ACT, Victoria, Central Australia and WA - we have teams of people who are training, coaching and sharing with potential workers and people of peace across many cultures, sub-cultures and regions.

Pray that the barriers of traditional religion and scepticism would be broken down and that workers would be raised up in Tasmania, South Australia and Darwin.


The team in Singapore have been part of Project Providence - supporting migrant workers and training local volunteers in Disciple-Making Movement principles.

They have also just begun a six month training workshop with local Chinese speakers. Please be praying that this time of intentional pouring-in will bear much fruit.

How can we pray for our community?

When we’re praying for a community - walking around the streets of the neighbourhood to pray gives us an opportunity to listen to God and listen to the community.

Grab a friend or a group of people and walk the neighbourhood and as you do pray together. No need to close your eyes, just simply ask God to reveal where he is already working.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, Gabi and the team are focused on seven regions: building relationships, introducing people to Discovery Bible Studies and meeting local needs among Gypsy communities.

The work is growing and God is on the move as Gypsy people discover the power that the Bible can make in their lives. Pray for Gabi and the team as they lay strong foundations for the movement of God that is stirring.


Across Indonesia, there is a growing hunger for simple and multipliable ways to make disciples. The team in Indonesia are investing in training people from different faith backgrounds who want to share Jesus with their families, friends and community.

In response to COVID-19, the team are also showing the love of Jesus in really practical ways, helping families meet their basic needs in a time of crisis.

Pray for the team as they reach out in new ways - that they will continue to see God work miraculously across this nation.


The team in Seattle have been working with a local church to train church leaders and people in Disciple-Making Movements. Through this training we have seen the church implement Discovery Bible Studies, as well as Spanish and Portuguese speaking DBS groups stretch back into people's home countries in South America.

Mark and Lisa also continue to connect with local refugees, building relationships and inviting them to meet Jesus.

Pray for the team - particularly during these very difficult times in the US - and that more people will catch the vision of DMM.

Inviting people to join you in prayer is important. We are looking for a prayer movement that will sustain a Disciple-Making Movement.

We need to find people who will commit to praying with us for people of peace, to pray for growing teams and to pray for spiritual breakthrough, particularly during the times when it feels like there are none.

New Zealand

The team in New Zealand is growing. It has been wonderful to see a growing heart and awareness for the urgency to make disciples. They are meeting, training and engaging with the harvest in three main regions on the North Island.

Please pray that this hunger to make disciples will continue to grow and this movement might make inroads in the South of the country.


God is changing the lives of thousands, as people and whole villages meet and become disciples of Jesus through Discovery Bible Studies.

There is now work in three main regions across Central India, with relationships being built in villages that have been resistant to the gospel.

Pray for the team as they focus on reaching the harvest and equip leaders for an ever growing movement of God.

Hong Kong

The team in Hong Kong is fairly new and are discovering ways to gather people together for Discovery Bible Studies and prayer.

People have already come to faith and been healed. God is working miracles in people's lives and they can't help but share what they are discovering with others.

Pray for the team and new disciples in Hong Kong. Particularly, in this turbulent time, pray that God's plan will not be contained but rather flourish.

New and ongoing work

There is also new and ongoing work in countries that we cannot share online.

Pray for workers who are preparing to serve in these countries as well as those who are in Australia until international borders open again.

If we want to see disciples made ...

... we pray and fast by ourselves and with others. Prayer is at the beginning, middle and end of any disciple-making movement.

Prayer is the work