Trip to the Harn Museum By: kelsie Baumlin

Medium of the Art

When looking at Old Man's Cloth, your eye wanders throughout the entire piece. The medium of this artwork was truly captivating and it managed to catch my eye in a unique way. The amount of time and effort that went into creating this piece left me in awe. I thoroughly enjoyed the medium of the bottle caps because they each contained a little bit of history with the brand and year. This was captivating to me because I would see the different years and reflect upon all the different events that took place in that year. The medium of the art was something that I had never seen before and looking into the fact that he used the bottle caps that were introduced by the colonists really moved my heart. El Anatsui created a piece of art that allowed me to see something different each time I gazed upon the work. The Old Man's Cloth really intrigued me because I felt like i could always receive something new from the work of art.

Old Man's Cloth by Eli Anatsui

Design of the Museum

The David A Cofrin Asian Art Exhibit really blew me away. The way they had the art set up in the open room with the wood holding places really captured my eye. When I stumbled upon this exhibit I was initially completely blown away at the way they had the lights working with the wood. Since most of the museum is white, the brown wood really stood out and really caught my attention. The exhibit contained a variety of different pieces of art and they all popped with the lighting and the way they set up the room. The exhibit made me feel extreme peace but also got me very excited to look at the art that was on the shelves. The use of the lighting, arrangements, and the colors really made the artwork stand out and it made it look very aesthetically pleasing.

I am standing by the entrance of the Asian artwork Exhibit

Art and Core Values

The Archangel Rafael appeals to my core beliefs because of its traditional religious roots. I admire the different religious aspects throughout the museum but this one really stuck with me because of its Judaeo-Christian roots. The archangel is said to be the patron of happy meetings and I value bringing joy and happiness to the world. The visual representation of these values were very evident because he was holding a cross. The artwork helped me assess my values because it motivated me to be vocal and not afraid of what I believe in. The sculpture encouraged me to learn more about what I believe so I can be vocal and outward in professing my joy and happiness. George T Lopez is a particularly interesting artist as well because he followed in his fathers footsteps which was also very inspiring. Since I value family it was really motivating and challenging to see a piece of artwork by a man that was very vocal with his core religious beliefs as well as his value of the family. This artist's piece of work really encompassed how important both faith and family are and he is a role model for me to live out my values and beliefs every day.

Above is the sculpture of Archangel Rafael

Art and the Good Life

While touring the Harn Museum, a piece by the Guerrilla Girls that was not specifically titled really exemplified Embodying the Good Life. This artwork challenged art in a way that I had never seen before. The artwork brought up injustices about women being used in art and the disadvantages women have in the art industry. I believe that this piece of art exemplifies embodying the good life because instead of it being a woman, it was a gorilla, which makes a large statement against the body of a woman. It is proving that art does not need to objectify women or reduce their pay/advantages in order to create beautiful, lively art. As a woman, this piece of art made me feel empowered and confident in who I am and in my abilities. This piece of art added to my understanding of the theme of Embodying the Good Life because it brought up a new perspective. The artwork conveyed the message that we are not the sum of our bodies, but rather our intellect and our talents. This artwork completely rejects the idea that our bodies play a vital role in our journey to the Good Life.

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