Tattoos on the heart project Nicole scott

Preface and Introduction

  • A main theme shown throughout the preface and introduction is change. I believe this is a theme because a character named Ramiro had a inappropriate tattoo on his head and he wanted it gone so he could get a job and have a better life. My favorite story in the introduction was the one about David. David is someone who has gone downhill but wants to get better, so Father G gives him encouragement. David wanted change, so he went out and fought for it.

Chapter 1, God, I guess

  • A main theme shown throughout chapter 1 God I guess is forgiveness. This is a theme because an ancient Quechua women hadn't gone to confession in ten years, but ended up going for redemption. My favorite story in this chapter was the one about Rigo. Rigo grew up with an abusive father but made it through. He receives his first communion while in prison because he wanted to be closer to God.

Chapter 2, DIS-GRACE

  • A main theme shown in chapter 2 DIS-GRACE is happiness. This is a theme because of a boy named lula who was able to light up anyone's day. My favorite story in this chapter is of course the one about Lula. This is because he came to Fr. G to tell him he got no absents on his report card. He was so proud of himself because he was trying his best.

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