Innovative Response Berkeley Haas leaders bringing solutions to COVID-19 challenges

As a community, Berkeley Haas business leaders, both established and emerging, are responding to the COVID-19 crisis with quick and responsible decision making. As a network, we affect many areas of the global economic and healthcare response, bringing necessary leadership, supply chain, product and policy solutions at this critical juncture.

Our school's innovative and entrepreneurial thought leadership is urgently relevant, and we continue to develop solutions-based thinking with global impact.

Berkeley Haas alumni at the forefront of solutions to market

Faculty members provide relevant insights to our time

Emerging leaders develop skills and products to meet demand

Let us celebrate and honor all in our network who go beyond ourselves through collaborative teamwork. Together, our work is aligned with the Cal motto "Fiat Lux." Let there be light, and let our business benefit the public good.

Thank you for supporting innovation at Berkeley Haas.