Are Professional Athletes paid too much? By: Adam Wetherhold

He shoots… He scores!!! In the last seconds of the game, the underdogs finally win the championships! Professional athletes are getting paid millions of dollars every day. They can buy cars, mansions, stores, servants, and much more. The question is... Do they really need all of it? Other people could use all of this money for good causes, like building food banks or digging up wells or even getting a proper education. These things are so much more important to our lives than gold necklaces, and huge closets, and even electronics. Athletes do entertain us almost every day, but is that entertainment worth millions of dollars? The answer is simple. It’s no.

Some people may say that athletes have worked hard all their life to go pro. Since the athletes have worked so hard for so long, it is said that they deserve the money. That is true, they worked long and hard, but many other people have worked just as hard all of their life to get a good profession. They have worked just as hard, if not harder than the athletes have. Say that a child wants to become a surgeon when he grows up. He works hard all his life, goes to a great college, and never misses a second of training. He has put in the same amount of effort, he gets the job he’s always wanted but is paid millions less than professional athletes every year. He has a much larger impact on the community and the world since he is changing people's lives every day. He makes that big of an impact but he is paid about 1/50th of Kobe Bryant’s annual salary.

All athletes are always helping the community and charities and even schools. Right? Wrong. Most athletes are not putting forward their help, money, or appreciation towards the community, charities, and many other great programs. There are exceptions such as David Beckham, or Serena Williams, or even Derek Jeter. There are those few handfuls of athletes who help almost every day and pour their hearts and souls into helping. The sad thing is not every athlete does. Athletes do have a tight schedule but there is always time to help. Athletes should have to help the community more often because they are role models for kids all around the world. If athletes do good things in the community then it will set a good example for children across the globe. They get paid millions to play in a game and should be doing something to really earn that money, such as volunteering. Since athletes are getting paid so much for just playing a game, they should have to put some of their time to volunteering so they are actually doing something good to earn their salary.

Money is a very valuable thing these days and athletes have a lot of it. There can be many important things bought with all of that money. Athletes may waste their money on gold chains to show off or a brand new $800 coat or even a car to use for just a few months! There are so many things that can be bought with the money that is being spent on fairly unimportant things. Take Lionel Messi’s annual salary for example. He makes about $42,280,000 a year. With that amount of money, we could make 5,000 wells in Africa so the people there have clean water. We could also make 66 schools of about a 65 person occupancy which would give about 4,290 kids an education each year and pro athletes are spending their money on $400 shoes that they’ll wear for a week. Athletes pay should either be lowered or they should have to donate a certain percentage of it.

As you know professional athletes are paid far more than needed. We can use this money to make or buy more important things such as schools, wells, and food banks. Athletes have worked hard their whole lives to get to their position but other people have done the same thing to get a different profession and they get paid far less than the athletes. They really need to earn their money by volunteering and working in the community so they have done something good enough to really deserve the money they are getting. I think that professional athletes are paid far too much and many other people think the same thing.. The big question is. Are you on our side?

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