My San Diego Vacation Carter Dingman

All set for the long flight
Man...it's a long way down there. Sure hope the pilot knows where he's going!
We hit our traditional first San Diego stop...fish tacos and a cold one at the Brigantine

Let's hear it. A big round of applause 👏

When the adults have left the room I can find plenty of things to play with 😜

Tearing up Kleenex is only half the fun 😂

Mom and Dad got pretty tired of everyone on the plane saying "what cute little girl." It took Mom and Nana to hold me down for my first haircut 😬

After a full day us boys like catch a few zzzz's 😌

How cool is this? We have our very own gorilla habitat at the San Diego Zoo 👍

Spent a day at the Aquarium 🐠

Got eaten by a shark 😳

Mom said this guy is a relative on the Dingman side of the family. This is probably what I would look like if I never had a haircut 😐

Hey!! Is dinner ready, yet?!!? 🍟🌭🌮

Maybe I've had one too many 🍪

Cuddle time with Nana 😍

We wrapped it all up with the traditional Dingman family 1st birthday lamb 🎂

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