The Last Juror HELEN s2c 1


  • Author: John Grisham
  • Genre: legal thriller novel
  • No. of pages: 60
  • Setting: the fictional town of Clanton, Mississippi from 1970 to 1979


  • Willie Traynor
  • Callie Ruffin
  • Ernie Gaddis
  • Hank Hooten
  • Danny Padgitt
  • Harry Rex Vonner


There was a murder in March 1970, in Claiton. Rhoda Kassellaw was the dead women. The murderer was Danny Padgitt. The main character is Willie Traynor. He was the editor of the Ford County newspaper, the Times. Danny Padgitt's trial started in June. Hawk Hooten worked with the lawyer for the State. He was Rhoda's boyfriend for a time. There were twelve jurors-Callie Ruffin, Lenny Fargarson, Mo Teale and so on. The jurors thought Danny Padgitt is guilty of murder, but they were not asking for the death penalty. After ten years, Danny Padgitt was parole. Then two jurors are killed and one is nearly killed by a bomb. Everyone thought it was done by Danny Padgitt but the murderer was Hawk Hooten. In the end, Callie Ruffin died.


I think the author wants to tell us we must treasure everyone who cares about you and be the real friend with you because the death will come suddenly. We just live once so we must treasure the people who really care about us.


My favorite character is Willie Traynor because he is not afraid of the evil and the forces. He is brave to stand out to resist with the evil. He always cares about others.

The End

Created By
Helen Si


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