Besides the Sea on the Thanet coast

In 449AD the Vikings settled in Ramsgate. In 497AD, England's first Christian missionary St Augustine landed here

And in September 2018, Mr G & I came with camera - after all the light here is exceptional

Some kind soul has placed knitted handholds here for those bitter cold times when you just want to lean on the rail and admire the view!

- but this September day it was warm and calm and beautifully blue

plenty of space in the yacht moorings as many are all at sea

this photo reminds me vaguely of Venice - yet not a gondola in sight - only the packed moorings of the Royal Harbour

Ramsgate is a working harbour but between the tourists and the idlers, the atmosphere is essentially laid back
"To step over the low wall that divides Road from concrete walk above the shore - Brings sharply back something known long before— The miniature gaiety of seasides". Philip Larkin

Margate - where Londoners come to quit the city and follow in the footsteps of Turner who loved the light here as well as his landlady Mrs Booth.

The Turner Contemporary

When Art Deco was all the rage so was Cliftonville - now it nestles in shabby chic charm of many of our seaside towns

Whatever the weather there is always the sea to see

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