Gerardo Polendo "Dream vacation"

Your total amount to pay is 3496.00

What are the geographics of bora-bora?

Bora bora is a volcanic island It is a mountainous island, with Mt. Otemanu (2,379 ft/725 m) the highest peak. Bora-Bora has a good harbor, which is a large lagoon surrounded by coral islets. Copra, oranges, and vanilla are produced on the island.

How do i get there?

I will be flying in from dallas all the way to the island in approximately 20 hours at a cost of 2,966.00 dollars for a roundtrip.

Where am i staying after im off the plane?

I will be staying in one of the luxurious,beautiful cabins that bora bora offers on the island.Cost of the cabin is 85 dollars a night for a total of 225.00.This cabin has a solid 4 star rating system and everyone says that the service is amazing and the view\

What are we eating?

Once we wake up we will have breakfast in our cabin which is a mixture of fruits and seafood.This comes at a cost of 19.99

What are we doing for fun?

The whole point of vacation is for you to do things here and some fun things to do is jet skying.You can go jet skying for 29.99 an hour for 2 people.

More things to do in bora-bora?

Sometimes you just want to go for a swim.In bora-bora you are allowed to go swimming with a bunch of fish that are perfectly harmless.

Still have energy?Here something else you can do.

you can have a fishing trip for 3 hours at a of cost of 200.00.This packet includes fishing poles,boat and bait plus lunch and drinks?

After all those activities your probably hungry?

When you go back in you cabin there are variety of foods and drinks you can eat for dinner at an average price of 24.99

After im done ill be going back on the roundtrip that has been paid for in the beginning.


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