The North Pole By:Adam

It suddenly grows darker as I enter the tunnel. Since my trip started to get to the arctic north pole, it has been going smoothly. But as we enter, I feel a sense of unease. And I was right, as go in I hit a block of floating ice, and a large low sound vibrates through the room. The icicles start falling off the ceiling of the cave. And I know this is how the voyages good luck will run out. BANG!! Is all I hear as the small icicles start coming down. As they start I rush to steer and turn around, but it is too late. “I knew that I should have not gone alone” I think as I go about the small ship. But they are many and I am one and I know I should stop and run below deck. But the icicles stop and I am feeling well as I and my small boat start reaching the end of the tunnel. But I do not see the falls, the deep blue water rushes down into a swirling abyss and I know that me and the ship and me are not ready. I go down and I hit the water with a splash soaking my body as I plunge into the water I look up and I see only my destroyed ship. Then I blackout.

I wake up to a snowflake landing in my mouth. It is cold but I still have the clothes from my started trip on my back. “I will need to find food and water and fast before I dehydrate and starve” I think. My thoughts of escape clear from my mind as I go into the wilderness looking about.

Darkness falls upon the earth as fatigue settles on me. I try to find shelter but All I see is white snow and trees. Then I see it, a large house, very dimly lit. Then I see a glimpse of it a bear dark red like cherry jello. Chasing after the poor person who is inside. Then The lights turn off. All I hear is a faint thump and then silence.

I plan to find a path to the house and then salvage the things inside possibly finding the victim that lies within. While I am looking out to find the house. I look for signs of food and water but I find none. “This frozen landscape is bare” I think . After 3 hours of tracking and checking I finally lay down for a nap in the snow under a pine tree

The next day is dark and gloomy. It is not snowing but it is raining. The rain hits the snow sizzling in small sprinkles destroying a patch of snow instantly and then it hits me and I know this will be my chance to get my supply of water. I taste it and it is good, “I guess this is what happens to water without pollution I think as I take more and more into my parched mouth.

As the rain slows to a drizzle I start traveling to my destination. I can see it very clearly now in the sharp light of the day. While I am nearing the house I have second thoughts. “What if the monster is still in there I think”?. But curiosity overwhelms me and I go in.

Here in the house I see the damage around me. The pots and pans scattered. The bed ripped of it insides. Then I see It the basement, with jello smeared on the wall. I plan to get all the materials I need then check the basement just in case I need a speedy escape. I find some pots and pans and put them in a sack. And I also find vegetables in a large jar. All of the food that I find other than the vegetables is bread. As I put my sack on the front porch I see a rifle buried in the snow. When I look inside of it I see 7 shots left in a barrel of 8. Then I see it in the tree. Watching, the bird is pure white and when it opens up its mouth I see the sharp teeth shaped like a scythe covered in feathers like dark chocolate. As I point up my gun I fire. But it races away at a unreal speed going up. I run to the house thinking about what happened and how to protect myself, but I see nothing except for the gun

It is time now to check the basement. I grab the handle and it opens with a creak. Blinding me with its bright lights. Then they go off. I grab the flashlight that I found in the house and turn it on into the darkness. I see dark jello that was thrown onto the wall but nothing else but darkness. I look about and I see pictures of small people giving little children candy. And I see a young man taking them away. While at the moment I find nothing I see the first person I saw in the house from far away. Big fat but light on his toes he looks at me then points at me. But not at me behind me. And I see what terrorized this small house. A giant gummi mutant bear, with thrashing teeth it is only a few yards away. One glance and I know that this is the end. Its skin as tough and thick as metal it shows as it finds a nearby fridge and crushes it with his thick arms. I shoot my seven shots but nothing. It bounces off like jello at metal. I turn around but I do not see the big fat man. Then I see him petting the gummi bear. Puzzled I drop my weapon and ask “what is happening?” he says “ what do you not like my chubby friend? His name is chubby.” “great” I say “stuck with a wild “chubby” that might mistake me for a jelly donut.” “No” he says “he is my only friend so can you have a little variety in friendship?” I pick up gun but realize there's no point since their are no more bullets, “okay” only If you get me out of here.

We stop at a cave and eat in silence, except for chubby’s loud swallowing noises. But I break the silence and I ask.

“Who are you?”

“He answers, “no one that you need to know. You can call me the jolly fat man”

“But I answer to that, what was that thing and what is this place?

“He sighs and says if you need to know you must swear not to tell anyone else.”

“Anything to help me I say as I promise.”

“Okay then, this is the north pole and that wonderful friend is like a bear from where you're from. “

Chubby's stomach growls again.

“Wait, how is this the north pole we already found it? “

“It is the true north pole”.

“With santa?”

“Yes with santa.”

As we give chubby the rest of the 4 pounds of sugar I ask.

“And where is the workshop?”

“Just north a mile.”

“So I can leave in the sleigh tomorrow at christmas?!”


“Great! I can finally leave this ummm, friendly but troublesome place!”

“Well there is one problem. Santa is dead”

The next day the trip is going fast after 20 minutes we are there. I can see it! And I do, I see the workshops black smoke shoot out. What’s that? I ask. Well there is one problem, santa's brother is working. Who is he? His very ummm, troubled friend, that is what is soul is at least, but there is one way we can still leave, the tunnels.

We reach them through a hole, or rather a well. The tunnels are damp and dark but we manage through the faint lights coming through the holes in the low ceiling. So I ask “why is no one here?” “Well” he says, “since he has taken over all things here have gone into a state of shock. All they know is that I have gone on a business trip. While my south pole brother came to visit Wait! Stop!” And I hear it the low rumbling of a drill passing under us. “A tunnel worm, he says, a very large malicious creature that tracks its prey by the vibrations in the ground. We will have to move! it is coming! Run!” And I can now feel it, the low static rumble in the ground, and then I see light and I race toward it. When we finally meet the light I stare up a face.

It is very colorful with no teeth and a gruesome smile. Aha, he says, I see you have come to take it back, sad friend. The thought curls around me, it is true. Run! santa yells as I start dashing toward the red sleigh. Where are the reindeer! I yell as I see him struggling with his friend. There are none! Its nuclear powered! And it is, as I find the on button I see “the guy” overpowering him. But there is no time, I rush out of there and I see his evil minions. The same I saw in the photos in the house.

I wake up stunned at my strange dream. It's finally christmas! I yell to wake everyone up. Let's go! When I go down I see the tree and presents. And I yell again, come on! So I go to get them but I see no one. And now I know christmas is far from over.

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